Are You The “Other Woman” In His Life?

You may madly be in love with a married man. But, have you ever wondered “what would happen if you are ever caught”? Believe it or not, you are the home wrecker! Without any realization, women tend to get drawn into this complicated web of relationship. Carrying the affair is easy but carrying the other woman tag isn’t easy in life.


How do you Fall for a married man

That one emotional conversation at your office desk takes you to the coffee shops, the restaurants, the snack bars, the cinema halls and finally ends in the bed. You chit-chat over the phone for hours until there is no family turmoil (especially from his wife). And then, finally, he sums up the day saying, “Honey! I wish I wasn’t married… you would have been my princess”.

The real story

The real picture unveils here. The little dumb doe inside you is flattered to know the fact that he loves you. (Apparently)! Now, you shower him with all the love you have, and make him a happier man. At this point, you are lost in his world of love. You are not bothered about his wife, kids, and family coz at this point of time your man loves you more than his wife. Apparently!


When you get caught

Surprisingly, your man gets totally out of the picture when you get caught. His kids will hate you; his wife will chase you with a butcherknife in her hand. You are left all alone. His wife welcomes him back home after he puts the whole blame on you. Ultimately, both of them live happily forever.

Moral of the story

If you ever happen to date a married man, shut your eyes and walk across.  If you already are in a relationship with a married man, it’s time to part your ways. Tell him that you want to put an end to this relationship until he leaves his wife (which he will never). You are, and will be just an enigmatic part of his married life that comes to light when he packs his suitcase and tells his spouse, he is leaving for a business tour to another city. Isn’t that mean when he says you matter a lot to him?

Trust me! Dating a married man is horrible, and if you engage yourself, it may take a long for you to recognize the love of a genuine guy you meet at some part in your life.


Remember, even a clever rat gets trapped, however, nocturnal and nimble they are, and that is when the Explosion Takes Place.