Are you Giving your Child High IQ Food?

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“A cute lil toddler gets us all excited and we want to shower all the best things of the world on them… but before you get started, stop and think, what you feed your child now will have a strong effect on his IQ later”

The recent study at the University of London has yet again underlined the fact that junk food has a direct upshot on the IQ (intelligence quotient) of a child. 4000 Scottish kids in the age group of 3 to 5 were studied on the basis of their food habits and it was found that the parents from higher socio economic status provided their kids with food prepared with fresh ingredients and fresh fruits etc. had greater IQ whereas the kids from the lower socio-economic group, whose diet included more fast food and packed, ready-to-eat food were quite low on IQ.

The fact was thoroughly studied in a previous study conducted by University of Adelaide Public Health. More than 7000 children’s diet patterns at the age of 6 months, 15 months and 2 years were compared to their IQ level at the age of 8. It was found that children who breastfed till six months and had balanced diet including green vegetables and fruits, cheese and legumes scored a 2 points higher IQ at the age of 8. On the other hand, kids, whose diet consisted of biscuits, sweets, chips, chocolates and packed baby food had a 2 points lower IQ score at the age of 8.

Another American study available in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health in 2010 says that kids who were fed pizzas, chips, biscuits and other junk food before the age of 3, often end up with lower IQ than their healthy eating peers. Five years later, the IQ of such kids was found 5 points lower than other kids.

The food that the baby gets up to the age of 3 is very important as its loss can’t be recovered by healthy diets at elder ages too! Once the brain development is hampered, no healthy diets and fresh food can make up for the 3 precious early years.