Are You Getting Domestically Threatened?

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Do you think Domestic Violence has a place in any healthy relationship whether the person is married, engaged, dating or cohabiting? Then the answer is a Big No.

Now you must be thinking what’s the difference between conflict and domestic violence in a marriage? Then let me inform you, conflict is a part of all intimate liaison, especially, when a couple is married; but domestic violence is nowhere adequate in any relation, no matter whether a couple is married or not.

Say “No” to Domestic Violence in Your Married Life-

Physical Abuse

Most of the broken marriages show the involvement of physical violence. Actions like beating, pushing, hitting and kicking are the part of such violence.

Sexual Abuse

Any sexual activities forced on the other partner without their will is a part of domestic violence.

Emotional Abuse

Insult by words, hurting feelings, abusive behaviour, harming the self esteem, name calling, put downs, etc.

In a marriage, women often choose to live with the abuser carrying the fear of making things worst and abusive. Divorce is like a nightmare for them and we understand it isn’t easy. Remember you deserve to live freely and happily.

There are many sources from where these battered and abused women can take help. We are not only talking about the shelters or crisis hotline – even childcare, legal services and job training could be used as a savior for these injured women.

You may be feeling confused, frightened, uncertain and torn. At one moment, you want to get away and at the next moment, you want to hold on to it but at last what matters the most is your own safety.