Are You Allergic?

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Coughing and sneezing….itching in eyes….running of nose….rashes on skin….swelling of lips!….means ALLERGY! Our immune system is our ‘Raksha Kavach’ that inhibits the entry of foreign intruders in our body. If you are allergic to some substance, your immune system is alarming you to “KEEP AWAY” from that! So, avoid overhearing it!

Know the Facts

  • When your immune system responses to external agents, you develop allergy.
  • The agents causing allergy are known as ‘allergens’. Food, dust, drugs, pollen, insect bite, etc. are some of the well-known allergens.
  • There is no specific age in which allergy develops. It can appear at any age.
  • Allergy is hereditary. It means if your parents, especially your mom, are suffering from any kind of allergy, then you are likely to develop it in future.
  • Those who are suffering from allergies are known as ‘atopic’ or ‘allergic’.
  • Allergic symptoms may be mild (like sneezing, coughing, headache, fever, etc.) or severe (asthma, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.)
  • Some allergies fabricate many symptoms.

Allergens….what are they? Actually, allergens are the substances that trigger our immune system and causes allergic reactions. Generally, they are considered as ‘foreign particles’ for our body and are perilous.

Some Common Allergens

Category Name of Allergen
Insect bite Wasp, bee, etc.
Pollen Flowers, weeds, grasses.
Drugs Penicillin, sulfonamides, tetracycline, cephalosporin, etc.
Smoke Cigarettes, tobacco, hornet, yellow jacket.
Food Soy, fish, peanuts, egg, corn, oats, wheat and garlic.
Dust Dust mites, bacteria, viruses, etc.
Cosmetics Shampoo, moisturizer, deodorants, etc.
Fragrance Perfume, detergent, soap, etc.
Plants Sap and latex of poison sumac, poison oak, poison ivy, etc.
Pets Cat, dog, etc.

Identify the allergen and try to keep it away from yourself.

Don’t whorl up into an orb of melancholy! Know your allergen, treat it and live a happier life….!!!