Are You All Set for the Interview?

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Going to face an interview? Wait….have you done with your homework?? Now, you will say that “we are going for an interview, not for a school”. Yes guys, I know very well! I am asking about your preparations before an interview. Not done….! Don’t worry. Do your preparations with me!

A little homework, before going for an interview, amplifies your chances of selection. Follow the given below advice:

Know and Re-evaluate Yourself

“Tell me something about yourself” – this is the first question, the interviewer will ask you, whenever you would appear for an interview. So, be prepared, in advance, to answer this question.

  • Review your curriculum vitae.
  • Identify your flaws and forte.
  • Evaluate your educational qualifications and achievements.

Know the Company

You must have the entire knowledge of the company, for which you are going to face the interview.

  • Visit the company’s official website and gather information about the board members, market position, services and products of the company.
  • Before facing an interview for a public company, analyze the annual financial report. It will reveal the financial position of the company.
  • Talk with the colleagues and friends, who have worked or are currently working with the company. They will give you some clues about the working environment of the company.
  • Don’t forget to research about the industry to which the company belongs.

Comprehend the Job Profile

  • Go through the job profile. It will give you information about what education, skills and experience are required for the job.
  • Take a look at your resume and find out the areas where you best fit with the job profile.
  • Identify the difference between your skills and the job profile. Start working to reduce the differences, if any.
  • Prepare supporting points to exhibit relevancy of your forte, skills and education.


  • Do rehearsal! Carry out a mock interview. Ask a friend to take your interview. This will help you in finding your lacunae and also augment your self-confidence.

I am sure; these suggestions will help you a lot.

All the best!