Are Single Moms in India Safe?

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Yes, you may find multifaceted articles for suggesting the ways to revive their life, being in shape, controlling their child, step child and etc, etc. But, one of the noteworthy aspects still seems to be quite untouched. Maybe the title strikes you, but in truth it’s a disgraceful reality of our country. However, our primary focus lies here on single mothers of India. As, in our country, it emerges like they’re still on a relentless fight to get a reverential place for them. Reserving 50% of seats for females by the top notch management institutions can’t alone bring them in a safer position. Be it a widow, divorced or a bachelor, our society is still restricted to its deep rooted conventional hypothesis.

We scream in Rajya Sabha that the number of females should be increased in Parliament. We set Sushmita Sen’s name everywhere as an example whenever there is a topic of Indian single mother. We only talk about their elevations, but on the callousness??? We even don’t want to have a glimpse on it. If Not so, then go through the below facts.

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Every 3 minutes- 1 crime against females
Every 29 minutes- 1 rape case
Every 77 minutes- 1 dowry case (death or injured)
Every 9 minutes- 1 case wife beating or domestic violence
Every 240 minutes- 1 suicide

Sources: – ‘National Crime Records Bureau’

And why we are stressing upon crime on single mothers, merely coz they’re alone. Yes, alone means even if being with family, she is abandoned sometimes. Their own family start imposing many restrictions on them once they get single. In our society, widows are nothing but treated as a nuisance, low character or a vamp. Quite often they’re also treated as cursed and hence isolated from every pleasant occasion of family or relations. A female without a male partner is a topic of discussion in our society. From her hair, dress to her sneezes, every damn thing is seen with suspicious eyes. Be it a workplace or any reputed institution, single mothers are treated with a different perspective. Sometimes good sometimes bad, that eventually depends on people’s mindset. People find it easy to target a divorcee, widow or single female more than married. Why????

So that, they may easily put the entire blame on the female for any misdemeanour simply saying that ‘it was their sexual requisites’.

New Delhi inhabitant and a banker, Kalpana Dhar of 50, got separated from her spouse due to regular squabbles and confrontations. She mentions that surviving in this male dominant society is not at all an easy task especially for single women. Being complaining and poignant is not a solution of this problem, you also need to be decisive to choose a courteous life.

31-year Anita Mishra a working woman, in a given interview also describes her daily experiences after her divorce. She confidently also handles her two twin kids, like a father figure.

She has often faced questions like “where is their father?” And when one comes across the truth, a sudden change in their mannerism can be noticed. All of a sudden the respect of ‘behenji’ or ‘bhabhiji’, replaced with Anitaji, reflecting their muddy intentions. Her children too have to face the soiled mindedness of the society. More lot she has faced and still swallowing however, she is now associated with a NGO, which has proved to be a ray of hope in her life. She has met many other sufferers as well, which made her appreciate that she is still in a much recovered state.

Now the question arises, if they’re not safe outside, should not leave their domiciles. You really believe so??? If you consider home to be the safest place everywhere in the world, then read on our next story.

Sam Nye, a 31 year old single mom, was attempted to be raped recently in her house at Grove Hill, Middlesbrough U.K. After watching some DVDs till late night with her friends, she was working on her laptop in her living room when they left her house. Later on, a man came asking “is harry here?”

She got frightened and said no. He then suddenly locked the door, punched and dragged her to the room. The man was tough to struggle with and she then felt hopeless. She knew that now he is going to rape her. She then heard her son Jammie calling ‘mum’. Though he never wakes up at night but she was surely fortunate enough. Hearing Jammie’s voice the man got off her and said sorry while leaving the house. Though the investigation is still going on however she is saved from this gruesome act. But not everyone is blessed like Sam.

Be it any corner of the world, being safe and sound especially for a single woman is not viable. For the insolents, married or unmarried, with kids or without kids, girl or woman, nothing matters. All what men want is just to satisfy their animalism. Chances of being trapped in case of single moms or females are quite high as people find them feeble. Even if they try to voice their opinions or issues, they’re kept shut by imposing a tag of ‘shameless female’ in India.

Before being proud of your Indian culture, first contribute your efforts to eradicate the crimes squashing females or mothers of our proud ‘Bharat Mata’ and then brag about the superiority.