Aramaan Kohli: The Nuisance Creator in the Bigg Boss 7


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Tuesday proved to be ‘nothing is well’ day for Bigg Boss house and its inmates.  As the inmates are getting acquainted with each other, they are picking up more fights rather than getting along with each other.


Tuesday began with a task given to the inmates as a luxury task, where half of the inmates were supposed to reside inside the box for the whole day while the other half were supposed to stay out and make the inmates inside the box to come out as quickly as possible to win the task. The inmates that were supposed to get inside the box were Armaan Kohli, Pratyusha Banarjee, Sangram Singh, Gauhar Khan, and Kushal Tandon. Apurva, being the captain was instructed to supervise the task, and the rest of the inmates stayed out including Tanisha Mukherjee, Asif, Vivek, Andy, Kamya, and Elli.


As soon as the task began, Kushal came out stating that he was feeling suffocated and lost the task. Rest of the inmates stayed inside their respective boxes and tried moving inside the house so that they can escape the heat. Somehow, they got successful in entering the living area and stayed there, Kamya and Andy started knocking at Armaan’s box, to make him come out of the box. Armaan, like always could not control his temperament and got agitated by this act of Kamya and Andy, and started abusing them. He went on to taunt Kamya Punjabi by calling her a ‘divorcee’ that shed Kamya into tears. She also started to argue with Armaan, but Andy controlled her by telling her that she should not spoil her image by using the abusive language like Armaan.


Later in the task, Elli was sitting on a chair near Armaan’s box and Armaan pushed his box and in the course of doing so, Elli fell on the floor and got hit by the chair. Everyone started to yell at Armaan for doing so, and eventually he came out of the box and started a dirty fight with Kamya, Andy, and Kushal. Post argument, he went to Elli and made an apology to her by sitting on his knees. He even went on and apologized to Kamya for using blunt words for her and her personal life. Kamya accepted his apology and forgave him for his deeds. She later told Pratyusha that she has forgave him but will never forget what he did.


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