Aquarius: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(January 20- February 18)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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This year, Aquarius people are going to meet new friends. You will involve in a new relationship. In case, you are already in a relationship, it’s better strengthening it, instead of taking it to the next level (i.e. Marriage).


Those eager to work overseas will have stars in their favour, particularly in the 2nd half of the year. Business prospects are not very good. If you have any uncertainty about delivering your good on a project, don’t undertake it. Instead of business, invest in commercial property. Your instinct will help you to get success in your career.


Stars predict that Aquarians will be in the pink of health. People suffering from chronic and cardiovascular ailments need to take extra care, this year. Live moderate life style and eat healthy for keeping yourself hale and hearty.

Domestic and Home Life

The year 2013 is favourable for those, who want to relocate their residence. You will remain actively involved in your family matters. You will also observe changes in family bonds and structures. Stars advise you to keep a proper balance between personal and professional life.

Lucky Number– 5
Lucky Months– September and December
Lucky Colour– All shades of green

Month wise Horoscope 2013


You will counter some challenges in your career. January enhances your charm. Gather all facts before indulging in debate with anybody. Take preventative measures to check flu and colds. Have a flexible approach while solving the family matter. You may have to spend the money saved for something specific on something else.
Lucky Colour– Electric blue
Lucky Number– 4


You will get opportunities to chase something new in your career. Before shouldering the responsibility of a new project, it’s better to take a break for a while and get refreshed. You can earn more money by investing in the right venture. Limit your travel.
Lucky Colour– Maroon
Lucky Number– 9


The efforts put on to excel in your profession will go fruitless. You will get success in the competition. From a financial point of view, the month will remain favourable. You will receive money from several sources. Socially, you are likely to be very active and get praises for managing an event well.
Lucky Colour– White
Lucky Number– 17


Any member from your family is likely to make you feel proud. All your health concerns will vanish. You will feel energetic. The work done by you with a personal touch will bring you much appreciation from your boss and colleagues. Spontaneous journey will give you immense happiness.
Lucky Colour– Golden brown
Lucky Number– 9


You may commit blunders at your work, so concentrate on your job. Your home environment will remain tense. It’s difficult to spare time for fulfilling social commitments. You will get gains if you invest in real estate.
Lucky Colour– Sea Green
Lucky Number– 5


You could explore exotic places. You will get profits from your investments, but you need to spend the money wisely. Your social life seems to be very happening. You are likely to make excellent advancements in your career.
Lucky Colour– Cream
Lucky Number– 6


You may feel indecisive in taking initiatives due to lack of support. It’s time to demonstrate your talent and skills. There is good news for those Aquarians, who are searching for a life partner! You are very soon going to tie a knot. Your dream of purchasing a new vehicle will come true, this month.
Lucky Colour– Electric Grey
Lucky Number– 17


You will get success in all the work you undertake till 16th August, 2013. Don’t behave aggressively with your superiors. Your expenses could increase, but it will be balanced by the improved earnings. Any move taken to improve your health will be advantageous.
Lucky Colour– Turquoise
Lucky Number– 22


You will remain hale and hearty. You may feel over burdened with work, especially in the first fortnight of the month. Don’t make unrealistic commitments. Don’t let anyone interfere in your love life.
Lucky Colour– Bottle green
Lucky Number– 17


Right contacts will help you to get success in business. Your social contacts and family members will support you in achieving your goals. Keep a check on your expenses. Your love life will be tough, but you need not to lose hopes.
Lucky Colour– Cream
Lucky Number– 11


Be tolerant and patient to maintain the peace of your home. New avenues may help you to improve your finances. Challenges in love life are indicated, but you will overcome them. Professional growth is possible only by achieving the given targets.
Lucky Colour– Crimson
Lucky Number– 6


You are likely to enjoy an exciting trip. You will remain indulged in the social activities, the whole month. You may face changes at the workplace or conditions at work. Stars are indicating good earning. Your will remain fit and healthy. This month is very good for the students.
Lucky Colour– Metallic blue
Lucky Number– 8