Anti-Ageing Products that are Waste of Money

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Thousands of anti-aging products are sweeping the market. It’s really very confusing to decide ‘What to Buy’. The aim of this article is to save you from burning a huge hole in your pocket on these unpromising products. Seek the given advice, and choose what you just don’t require in your anti-aging practice.

1. Lip Exfoliators


Chapped and dry lips are itchy and uncomfortable. But, you need not to spend your penny on buying some special products, to lessen roughness of your lips. Main ingredients of most lip exfoliators include natural oils and sugar.

Solution- Avoid unnecessary expense! Apply petroleum jelly (thin layer) to your lips. The next morning, gently rub them with a wash-cloth, in order to peel off dead skin. Instead of petroleum jelly, you can also use olive oil. After applying olive oil, gently rub a toothbrush in circular motion on your lips, to remove dry skin.

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2. Cleansers with Botanical Extracts


Botanical extracts (roots, flowers, stems, trees, etc.) works wonder from healing blemishes to reduce wrinkles. They are used as a main ingredient of all toners, anti- aging creams and serums.

The issue is that botanical extracts give anti-aging effect, only when they remain on skin for enough time. Secondly, these extracts are water soluble. The moment you wash your face, they are watered down and serve no purpose.

You love the even tone that your cleanser provides to your skin. In reality, it is not the consequence of botanical extracts, but the balance of surfactants (cleansing agent) that these cleansers contain. To save on cleanser; find a matching ‘surfactant’, not botanical ingredients! Equally effective and cheaper surfactants are: Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Coco Glucoside, Coco Betaine, etc.

3. Acids and Retinol In One Pack


Retinol is an important ingredient of anti-aging creams. Its chemical properties reverse the signs of premature aging. Similarly, acids (like AHA) are excellent chemical exfoliants that break down the substance, which holds the dead-skin cells together.

Obviously, skin-care manufacturing companies want both ingredients in one anti-aging product. But, it is due to their conflicting chemical properties (work at different pH), both ingredients can’t be brought together in one power packed product.

Solution- Some companies find the solution to this problem by putting one of the ingredients in a nutshell, in order to make one ingredient chemically hidden and keep it unaffected by the outside pH. It is quite similar to egg shell enclosing the egg yolk. This ensures that you get the benefits of both the anti-aging products in one pack.