Another from the Japanese: Square Watermelons!


I think Japan could be renamed into the weird-land.  Most of the weird things we hear and see are from Japan. They grow square watermelons. These watermelons are grown into a square glass box to give them the desired shape. The square boxes that they are grown in have the same dimensions, as that of Japanese refrigerators. This way they fit perfectly in the refrigerators, and they can stack things over them.

However, the square watermelons are quite expensive. They are sold for 10,000 yen i.e. $82 whereas the normal watermelons are priced around $15 to $20.

A farmer reports that it sure looks shocking, but it’s pretty easy to grow them once you learn the technique. In fact, it’s not just watermelons; there are square pumpkins as well. This reminds us how a Chinese farmer grew ‘Buddha shaped pears’ last year, using a plastic frame. It took him 6 years to craft the perfect baby Buddha shaped pears. See the image:


So now on, eating fruits would be not only healthy but also amusing!