Anne Hathaway Wedding: What’s on her Head?

Finally, Anne Hathaway married her long time beau Adam Shulman, at a private estate in Big Sur. Her exquisite Valentino gown left us awestruck, and so did her long flowy veil. All perfect for her traditional wedding, but what made us wonder was her 1920’s inspired headpiece.  The lovely lady (poor, though) might have thought to add some spice by the vintage piece but my darling… you forgot what worked 90 years ago may not work (read spell disaster instead) today!

Here are some twitter reactions to Anne Hathaway’s umm… vintage bandage… oops! I meant headpiece!

  • “Something died and was put on Anne Hathaway’s head on her wedding day.”
  • “Checked out Anne Hathaway’s wedding picture. Lovely… Despite her head injury.”
  • “What in the name of toilet paper sally is Anne Hathaway wearing on her head for her wedding? #ugh”
  • “Who’s dressing up as Anne Hathaway for Halloween? Wear a wedding dress and wrap a roll of Charmin around your head.”
  • “It’s a shame Anne Hathaway fell on her head and had to wear that big ugly bandage on her head for her wedding.”

Mean Mean World, you see  😛

  • “I have no idea what was on her head or why she is in the woods, but Anne Hathaway’s Valentino wedding gown was AMAZING!”

Ahh! Some Mercy!

Anyway, we wish a very happy married life to the couple!  :Approve: