Animal prints: How much, how often?

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There’s no doubt that animal prints look chic and attractive. But how much of it, do you need in your wardrobe, is a question worth a million dollars. A lot of accessory and outfits have been produced by leading designers that are surely pleasing to both the eye and the pocket, but what the animal activists across the world are professing is something that cannot be sidelined. So we advise you to try faux prints. These are just as sexy and classy and help keep you away from the cardinal sin of wearing real animal skin.

Include animal prints in your casual and cocktail avatar and work towards that perfect ensemble. While the really bold ones of you out there can flaunt a trouser, dress or blazer in the said style, the subtle statement makers can go in a bag, shoe or scarf done in a certain print. So there’s the leopard print, tiger print and patterns in cheetah, zebra, giraffe and cow prints that can be included to work up the much desired effect.

Now that we’ve discussed the magic that animal prints create, we thought we’d examine just a few more benefits that this wonder cloth generates. This kind of fabric is perfect to hide a few pounds that have forcefully climbed up your body and usually creates emphasis around the assets you wish to flaunt. Also, a well fitted animal print lower, when paired with a nice pair of heel, creates the illusion of height and stature.

One of the strict no-no’s when dealing with this sophisticated style of dressing is not to mix all sorts of prints in one outfit. This can not only look ridiculously clownish but also a desperate attempt to “fit in”. So an understated, minimalistic yet powerful sense of style is what will make you a class apart and account for that epic makeover.


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