Anamika Khanna: An Impeccable Amalgam of Traditions and Modernism

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Anamika Khanna is an ace Indian designer based in Kolkata. She did not receive any formal training at any college or institute. Anamika is the first Indian designer to launch an international label, and also, the first one along with the designer Manish Arora, to get featured at Paris Fashion Week.

Anamika has a penchant for silhouettes and ensembles that are fresh and new, but are in proximity with traditional roots.

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Label and Roots


Anamika launched her eponymous label in 1995, under the name- ‘Ana-Mika’. Her time-honoured label stands for integrity and honesty.  The designer quotes on her label, “We strive to achieve a clear and modern approach to heritage and fine craft. We want to defy the existing rules while continue to have that elegance in each of our piece.”

Her Say on Current Bridal Trend


Anamika says that she does not believe in the concept of trend. According to her, she is a designer and she cannot restrict herself to a particular trend. Her job calls for developing trends, rather than following them. Besides this, she adds that it is totally a brides’ decision on which kind of outfit she wants to carry, from a dhoti sari to lehenga coat, which are a perfect mix of Indian and global fashion.

Outfit Advice by Anamika


According to the designer, the choice of ensemble style, pattern and color depends entirely on a bride’s preferences. Time and trends come and go, but what remains timeless, is your own unique style that is quintessential for you. Anamika says that she listens to a bride’s choices and budget very carefully, as wedding is essentially one of the greatest moments in a girl’s life.

Trousseau Tricks


With color, craft, textures as her strength and specialty both, Anamika has carved a niche in trousseau wear.  Indian crafts and traditions are her label’s mainstay. With a pinch of global fashion, she tries to create something that is out of the box for Indian brides. She says that while getting a trousseau collection ready, we think about bride, her family, the destination where the whole wedding is set to take place, jewelry, and most importantly, the persona of a bride.

Anamika’s Favourite Bollywood Icon

anamika-khanna-5Sonam Kapoor is the quintessential Bollywood diva for Anamika Khanna. According to her Sonam possesses everything, from intelligence to poise, from charm to elegance. Even if Sonam is wearing rugged denim and a cotton top, she will pull it off greatly with great elegance.

Wedding Tip:

Since, wedding is a singular affair in one’s lifetime; it has to be celebrated on a grand scale. It should be an impeccable blend of luxury, customs, style elegance and sophistication. The event should give you such cherish-able memories, which can last a lifetime with you.