An Indian Girl’s Guide to Hair Color

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Going for hair coloring? Here’s something you must know beforehand.

Your hair can make or break your whole look. Be it the hair cut or the hair color, it has an instant effect on your overall personality. Of course you should be a lil experimental with your looks but make sure the experiment doesn’t turn out disastrous.

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Sudeep Grover, head trainer of Lakme salon, rejects the idea of blonde hair for Indian skin tone. “Indian skin tones can rock warm shades. Even if you have a light complexion, blonde is not the right hair color for you; it may work if you are pale. If you are still craving to give this shade a try, go in for beige, caramel or champagne blonde highlights. If you are going for a global hair coloring treatment, never pick a tone that’s more than 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. Chocolate and mocha brown or an intense copper complements Indian skin tones beautifully!”

Remember, when the ever gorgeous Kareena went all blonde. We were flabbergasted to see the gorgeous Kareena, looking pitiable with the out of place hair. Even a porcelain complexion like Mrs. Khan can’t carry the blonde tone, so you’d definitely want to double think your choice. Thank god that it was a thing of past, and Kareena must’ve given her hair stylist a hard time coz we see her getting gorgeous day-by-day, with perfect hair and makeup!



Here are a few things you must take care before and after the coloring!

1.   Going for straightening/rebonding and coloring along? First get the straightening done, and follow up with coloring so that the color doesn’t fade.


2.  Don’t oil your hair for 2 weeks after the coloring, coz the color takes some time to seep in and settle.


3.  After the coloring, you can’t use just any shampoo. Go for a professional shampoo that’s sulphate free. Don’t be panicked if they don’t foam much coz these shampoo’s cleanse your hair without fading the color, and they don’t make much foam.

Pretty female standing back and washing her long hair

4.  Always follow with a color protecting conditioner. Shampoo opens up your cuticles, and if you don’t follow with a conditioner, the color pigments might fade away.


5.  Apply a silicone based serum. Hair coloring increases the PH level of your hair, making them rough. So you must take extra care of your hair, post coloring.


6.  Don’t forget to spray some sun protection serum before going out in the sun, swimming, or taking any heat treatment on the hair, like ironing or curling.


Now, you are ready and well informed for getting your hair colored, so go on and flaunt the beautiful color, which compliments your tone. Let us know if you have any doubts, and we’ll be glad to help you!