Am I Pregnant?

Is the thought of being a pregnant surrounding you? You might be feeling a little different than you usually feel or your periods are missed or delayed. These symptoms may be making you…. wondering about your possible pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the ultimate dream of every woman. All women, at least once in their life desire to conceive a baby. Motherhood is a divine blessing that fulfills the women’s life.  Pregnancy is an awesome experience that commences with the conception when a single body cell is converted into a baby.

Early pregnancy symptoms do not assure your pregnancy but give you a hint.  Knowing the early pregnancy signs helps if it is too early for you to go for a confirmation test of pregnancy. It is possible that you may or may not experience pregnancy symptoms for a few weeks after the conception.

Here, I share the most common pregnancy signs, pointing out the possibility of entering into your pregnancy phase:

Have You Missed Your Periods?

It is one of the earliest pregnancy sign that stands a high probability of confirming your pregnancy.

Swollen, Tender Breasts

Your breast may look inflated and your bra may not fit you well as it used to be. Unusual tender or sore chest is another pregnancy symptom.

Abdominal Cramps

Mild cramps are usually felt during the first 6-to-12 days of conception and may continue to be felt for few more weeks even after the conception. This cramping in your lower abdomen is usually an attribution of implantation of an embryo into the wall of uterine. It’s one of the symptoms that will make you look unhappy though you’re elated to be pregnant.


Feeling exhausted? If you feel tired and fatigued during the day or much less energized than you used to, it could be another hint to your pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

This symptom begins to appear when there are about 6 weeks into the first trimester. As you get pregnant, hormonal changes occur in your body that causes increase in rate of blood flow through kidneys. As a result, bladder fills quickly. As the pregnancy progresses, frequent urination becomes more intensified.

Food Cravings

Having a strong desire for ice-cream or pickles? Food craving happens to many women while they’re pregnant. Yes, it’s an adage. Though food craving is not a sure sign but it contributes if accompanied by other pregnancy symptoms.

Darkened Areolas

Skin around the nipples gets darker upon conceiving, thus another indicator of the attainment of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness and Nausea

One of the worst symptoms! Within a couple of days of your conceiving, feeling of nausea begins. If you’re fortunate, you may escape from morning sickness for few weeks after conception.

Altered Sense of Taste

Pregnant women notice changes in their sense of taste. Some experience dislike for tea, coffee or food they used to like, others develop a metallic taste in their mouth.

Positive Home Pregnancy Test

It indicates that you are on your way to make a family. Take a doctor’s appointment to confirm your pregnancy news.

Negative test does not rule out your pregnancy. If test comes negative and you still own a belief of being a pregnant, visit a doctor who does blood and urine test to confirm the pregnancy.

If you’re sexually active and experiencing common symptoms such as missed period, tender breasts, headache and lower back aches, it is imperative you take a pregnancy test.