Allergy Respite Kit: Contrivance Against Allergy

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Be prepared to brawl allergy anytime with your “allergy respite kit”! Always keep it with you. What to be included in it? I am here with some suggestions.

Inhaler or Bronchodilators

Going to a trip with your family and suddenly attacked by asthma! Don’t worry! Just take out bronchodilator from your kit and a couple of puffs will make you alright. Enjoy your journey!


Our immune system liberates some histamine, as a result of natural resistance. This causes swelling, running of nose, etc. Antihistamines work against these histamines. Always keep Certirizine, Benadryl, Allegra  Clarinex and other prescribed antihistamines in your kit.


Giddiness, dry mouth, blurred vision and vomiting are some of the outcomes of using antihistamines. So, before using it, follow the given below precautions:

  • Don’t take it while working on heavy machines or driving. Intake it before going to bed.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, liver or kidney diseases, consult your doctor, before using it.


Due to  allergic response, your nasal tissues may swell.  In this conditions, decongestants are your helper. Decongestants  are available as antihistamines or pills. Consult your physician as which decongestant is correct for you and make it a part of your  allergy respite kit.

Nasal Sprays

Get bushed by summer? Planning a tour to hill station in vacations? Wow! It’s nice.  Wait….cold weather may cause nasal blockage or congestion. I am sure; you don’t want to ruin the enjoyment of an awesome weather of the hill station. So, what to do??? Don’t think too much! Just give some place to a nasal spray in your medical kit and enjoy the vacations.

Eye Drops

Red and itchy eyes…inflammation…! Eye drops is right here in your kit! If you get easily prone to eye infection, seek advice from your doctor and always keep the prescribed eye drop in your kit.

Injectable Epinephrine

Twinject or EpiPen should be in your kit, if you are suffering from anaphylaxis (fatal allergic response).

Skin Creams and Ointments

Inflammation, dryness, cold sores and itchiness are some of the common skin problems. So, be prepared to encounter these troubles.  Make a little space for ointments and skin creams in the kit.

Medical Information

Are you suffering from life intimidating allergies? If yes….you must hoard a laminated card, including the required medical information (like name and contact number of the doctor, emergency contact numbers, etc.) in your kit.

Ensure that your kit contains all the essential items. Check it sporadically and reinstate the run out items!