Ala Ala Barfi… But Now In Kishore Kumar’s Boots!

After the legendary success of Barfi, Anurag and Ranbir have come together for a biopic of Kishore Kumar. Ranbir is gonna play the fascinating character of singer, actor and filmmaker, Kishore Kumar, in this dream project of Anurag Basu. Kishore Da’s son  Amit Kumar is helping Basu to get genuine details of Kishore Da’s disposition.

“The research on the film has been on for the last eight months. We want to make an authentic film depicting Kishore da’s personality, his life and the people around him,” says Anurag. He also admits that the film has to be made entertaining; otherwise there is a chance that it may become a boring documentary.

“The film will have madness of Kishoreda. I am lucky that this came to me, UTV was planning this movie, Shomit had written a script. I am a big fan of him. I think he was the most colourful person, so full of life. That’s why we thought of making a biopic on his life. It will be a very entertaining film,” he promises.

Ranbir has been finalized for the film after extensive research, and he is also expected to gain 12-15 Kgs for getting in Kishore Da’s boots. For the female lead, rumours are that they will cast 4 heroines will be finalised to play the 4 wives (Ruma Ghosh, Madhubala, Yogita Bali and Leena Chadavarkar) of Kishore Kumar.

This film will take almost a year in making, and Anurag promises to reinvent the magic of the olden-golden days of black and white cinema.