Akshay and Sonakshi Fail to Create the Magic ‘Dobara’ with OUATIMD

It seems like things are not working on a proper track for Television and an upcoming ruler of Indian Cinema Queen- Ekta Kapoor. Although she had given so many hits in 2013, from Ek Thi Daayan to Lootera, but this time things are not working the same for this talented girl. Her show – Jodha Akbar is running low on TRPs despite of lavish sets and costumes. It is reported that Ekta is investing nearly 5 million per day on the show, yet it is failed to generate TRPs and lags behind its successor shows like Maharana Pratap and Mahadev.


Besides, Rajput community is protesting against Ekta for showing false stories, associated to Rani Jodha. Because of the same, Karni Sena activists created a mess in a movie hall on Wednesday, challenging the producer that if she is not going to pull Jodha Akbar off air, they are not going to make her upcoming Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Doobara to reach theaters. After all the meetings and discussions with the Sena activists, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Doobara 2 released in theatres on 15th August.

Now, what exactly the movie is all about and what is the verdict, let’s find out.



The movie begins where the previous one was ended with Shoaib Khan (Akshay Kumar), being the reigning don of the industry, after assassinating his successor and mentor Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgan). After killing his mentor, he finally gains people’s respect and reverence as the new don of the city. Shoaib being extremely charismatic and with womanizing skills, expands his empire to rest of the world, especially Middle East (Dubai).

The only hindrances in Shoaib’s path to become the supreme power in Mumbai are Varda and Arun. Jasmine, a rising starlet catches fancy of Shoaib’s heart, and eventually she becomes an obsession for him. This leads to rift between Shaoib and Aslam (Imraan Khan) who is in a relationship with Jasmine (Sonakshi).


Milan Luthria, who replicated the bygone era of 1970s and 80s in his last two films (Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and The Dirty Picture), has impeccably done his job, be it costumes or location. Everything seems apt and justified from direction point of view.  The first half of the film revolves around soft and sweet moments, songs, love and drama. Milan Luthria and writer Rajat Arora reserve the heavy drama and action for the second half of the story. Dialogues that have been penned down by Rajat Arora are undoubtedly awesome, and stand out. Imraan Khan, after playing a young urban guy in his previous flicks, is playing a role of desi guy in this one. I must say that he’s a one big underdog of the fraternity. He will pull a surprise with his notching acting skills.


On the whole, film has a very shaky first half, but avery powerful second half- full of drama and energy. But to be frank, one thing I should say: Drama kuch jyaada ho gaya! The fact cannot be denied at all that ‘Doobara’ fades in front of its prequel – Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, which was the movie of substance.

Ratings: 3/5