After Gangnam Style, It Is Now Turn For Harlem Shake?

If you are regular on YouTube, you probably already know what Harlem shake is all about. For those who are still clueless, it’s basically some sort of dance form (and I mean a weird sort of), on a track ‘Harlem shake’ by Bauer. These videos are going viral like crazy on YouTube. After Gangnam’s crazy popularity and then the “this is all nonsense” phase, now its Harlem shake. The videos are really short, and you can have a good laugh in your 10 minutes break too!

So here’s how you can try your hand on Harlem shake:

#step 1 – Wear a weird mask or baseball helmet or whatever works for you!

#step 2 – Shake your body standing at the same place.

#step 3 – Tell everyone around you to behave like you don’t exist.

#step 4 – As soon as the track says ‘do the Harlem shake’ everybody starts moving in whatsoever manner. (I’d describe it with random body movements)

Here’s a Harlem video for you in case you wanna know how exactly to get the drift of Harlem shake.

But lemme tell you that this is not a pure dance form in fact it’s a meme of the Great Ethiopian Eskista (Dance)which is also known as Harlem dance. You wana know why?

Here’s a video that will explain:

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