Affordable Destinations for Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is a costly illness. The price to cure it takes a toll on your time, your emotions, your relationships, your health and your wallet too. The cost of cancer treatment is a burden not only to people detected with cancer but also their families, social order and society as a whole.  Cancer care expenses are increasing steadily. Cost is likely to increase because of new, advanced therapies used to treat cancer cells.

But, there are various corporate hospitals in Bangalore, Mumbai, New -Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities at an affordable cost. Here we list down hospitals where the cancer treatment will not burn out your pockets.


1. Nova Specialty Surgery, Bangalore/ Delhi

Contact- +918040456000

2. IndusValleyAyurvedaCenter, Mysore, India

Contact- +91 8212473437

3. ApolloVictorHospital, Goa, India

Contact- +91 0832 2728888

4. BLKMemorialHospital,  New Delhi, India

Contact- +91-11-30403040

5. AMRIMedicalCenter, Kolkata, India

Contact- +91-33-2465 4594

6. Media Tour India, New Delhi, India

7. Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Haryana, India

Contact- +91 129 4253000

8. Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon, India

Contact- +91 1246767000

9. Adiva Super Specialty Care, New Delhi, India

Contact- +91 118588835000

10. ManipalHospital, Bangalore, India

Contact- +91 080 25024444