Adult Diapers – New Trend! Are you Kidding me???

So here Japan surprises us again! A spa magazine of Japan recently came up with an article about the increasing masculinity in the women. Okay, so the ‘slob’ behavior in the women is on a boom nowadays. They refuse to keep the house clean and things like laundry and all but what surprises (read disgusts) me is the women embracing their hairy self by not removing hairs ,and wait, there’s more… There are some women who have confessed of wearing adult diapers, so that they don’t have to take a ‘pee-break’ while at work. So that means… they pee in the diapers and keep sitting like nothing’s happened! Gross! I mean, this is beyond imagination. And seeing the trend, the departmental stores of Japan are stocking up their women section with adult diapers!

So, some lazy souls out there? Oh no! The thought makes me dizzy! One word- WEIRD!