Adoption Rules – Its Mandatory !

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Mulling over adopting a child? Are you aware of adoption rules? No…..! Fine! In this article I have included some rules that are mandatory for each parent to know and follow, before espousing a child.

Are you Allowed to Espouse a Child?

Following people are allowed to adopt a kid in India:

  • NRI (Non Residential Indian)
  • A foreign citizen
  • An Indian
  • A married couple
  • A single female

Males, in India, are not allowed to adopt a baby. However, if a single male longs to be an adoptive parent, he has to apply through a registered agency. Still, he is not permitted to adopt a female child.

Follow the Given Below Conditions

You are not able to adopt a kid, until and unless, you fulfill the following conditions:

  • Financially sound and medically fit for upbringing a child.
  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Legally, there is no upper age limit prescribed for the adoptive parents. However, some adoptive agencies have their own yardsticks regarding age.
  • For adopting less than 1 year old child, the age of either of the parents should not be above 45 years.
  • Age relaxation is provided to those parents, who wish to adopt older children.
  • The maximum age limit for an adoptive parent is fifty-five years, while for an adopted child is twelve years.
  • Parents, who want to espouse a child with special needs, may get marginal age relaxation by the state government. (depending on the assessment of the case)
  • You can adopt a second child only after the first adoption is legally finalized.

Legal Regulations Governing Adoption

Adopting a child is not an easy task. Various laws abide adoption. Following are the legal regulations that govern adoption:

  • The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956

This act is meant for Indian Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and Hindus. This act prohibits a married couple or a single parent to espouse more than one child of the similar gender.

  • The Guardian and Wards Act, 1890

This act is applicable for Indian nationals, NRIs and those foreign citizens who are Jews, Christians, Parsis or Muslims. According to this act, the adoptive parent is only the custodian of the kid until she reaches eighteen years of age.

  • Juvenile Justice Act, 2000

A part of this act deals with espousing a kid by non-Hindu parents. This act is applicable to those children only, who have been neglected or discarded. However, this law is not meant for those kids, who have been willingly put up for adoption.

Which Child You Can Adopt?

While adopting a child, parents think that there are various restrictions to adopt a particular child. In fact, there is nothing to worry!

  • A parent may request for a kid of a specific sex (if it is the 1st child in the family), age, health condition, religion, skin color, etc.
  • Remember, it is an intricate task to find a child, who confirms your elaborative specifications.
  • When a child, who matches with the adoptive parents’ desires, is found, he/she is shown to them.
  • If the prospective parents are not satisfied with the choice, they are presented with about 2 more children with the similar features.

Follow these rules and be ready to welcome a new little guest in your family.