Adoption Process – Way to Bring Child to Your Home

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Finally, you have arrived to a very good decision of adopting a child. But, what are you waiting for? Oh! You don’t know the process of bringing the little angel to your home! Don’t be upset! You are on the right place.

Although, adopting a child is a long and cumbersome process, but, after arduous efforts, when the adorable baby will play in your arms, your emotions will be express less and you will feel heaven on the earth. Believe me!

Here’s the adoption process.


Be registered with an adoption agency! You can get the list of authenticated adoption agencies through CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority). For registration, you will have to pay approximately Rs. 200/-. The website of CARA is as follows:

About Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA)

CARA is a sovereign entity under the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India. This authority mainly deals with adoption of abandoned, discarded and orphan children. CARA determines the eligibility criteria, adoption conditions, procedure, costs, documentation, court procedures, pre- and post-adoption follow-up. This authority has prescribed some guidelines for adoption agencies, which are mandatory to follow.

Pre-Adoptive Counseling

If you are adopting a child for the first time, you might have several doubts. For seeking clarification of your doubts, the agency appoints a social worker. The social worker accesses your family background and financial position and after that, prepares “Home Study Report”. The preparation cost of this report is approximately Rs.1,000/- (excluding travelling allowance to be paid for home visit to the social worker.)

After approval of the Home Study Report, you will have to submit the following documents for the verification of your marital, social, health and financial status.

  • Marriage certificate
  • Salary certificate or income tax return papers
  • Birth certificate or age proof
  • Medical certificate
  • Property statement
  • Couple’s photograph

If you are a single parent, you ought to submit additional documents.

Child Selection

If you desire to adopt a child with specific features, express your specifications to the agency. The adoption agency will search for the child that confirms your specifications. As soon as they find a child, they will contact you. But, you will not get all this done in one day. You have to wait for four to six months. After all “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Keep contacting with the agency every two months.

If you are not satisfied, the agency will show you 2 more children of the same traits (you can reject up to 3 children). After confirming, you can take the little guest home with you. This phase is known as “Pre-Adoptive foster care”. From now, the legal proceedings begin.

On selection of the kid, you are required to pay medical and maintenance charges. As per CARA guidelines, the maximum medical expenditure made on the kid may be Rs.9000/- (with supporting bills). Similarly, the maintenance expenses should not be more than Rs.15000/- (Rs.50/- per day from admission to pre-adoptive foster care)

Legal Procedures

The agency appoints an advocate, who files a plea in the court with all pertinent documents. On the basis of your marital status, residency and religion, the child is categorized under Juvenile Justice Act (JJ), the Guardian and Wards Act (GAWA) or the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (HAMA). You, along with the child, have to remain present in the court during hearing. Generally, the legal process completes within six to ten weeks. Congratulations! The child is now yours ‘legally’.

The agency will submit all the bills of legal expenses and you ought to pay for these bills.

Post Adoption Counseling

As per court directions, the adoption agency signs up a social worker to help you in managing the post adoption glitches. They prepare and submit “Follow-up Reports” to the court and Social Welfare Officer.

In this whole adoption process, the following expenses are involved:

  • Registration cost
  • Home Study Report preparation cost
  • Travel cost of the social worker
  • Child Maintenance and medical expenses
  • Legal charges

Be prepared to welcome a new member in your world!