11 Unconventional Reasons of Adopting a Child

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Gone are the days, when couples used to adopt a child just due to infertility or to rescue their marital life. Today’s parents are very smart. They don’t believe in these unconventional reasons for adopting a child. They have trendy causes.

11 Uncommon Reasons Behind an Adoption:

1. Trim Down Population Explosion

One of my friends doesn’t want a biological child. I asked her the reason behind it and her answer made me bowled over. She wants to adopt a child to reduce population growth? If you are also adopting a child due to this reason, then hats off to you! It’s really a noble idea to serve your country.

2. Companion for Your Child

Do you have one biological child? Is he/she feels lonely and ask you to bring home someone who can play with him/her the whole day? Don’t want to get pregnant again? If your answer is affirmative, then it’s a great dilemma! The only way to get out of this dilemma is ‘adoption’. Adopt a child and give a full-time companion to your natural child!

3. Desire to Lend a Helping Hand

Do you love children genuinely? Do you know that you can change the life of an abandoned child by adopting him/her? Provide a loving home to the needy child! Shape his/her future by providing good education and culture. In turn, the adopted kid will bring countless elation in your life and will realize your dreams.

4. Child of Other Gender

Do you have 2 sons and want a daughter (or vice-versa)? But, is there any surety that next time when you conceive, you will deliver a daughter? After a long wait of 9 months when you once again deliver a baby boy, it might be a little disheartening for you. Am I right? So, avoid a long wait and anticipation! Bring home your “happiness” soon! Adopt a daughter!

5. Genetic Diseases

“Sorry! There are some medical complications due to which you can’t conceive.” I can understand that it’s very disappointing to hear such news from your doctor. Genetic diseases (like thallasaemia) also ruin your dream of becoming a mother. In these cases, you can enjoy motherhood by adopting a child.

6. Experience Parenthood

Are you a single and wish to remain single for the whole life? Also want to experience and enjoy parenthood? ‘Adoption’ is the right option to fulfill your wishes. You need a child and there are several children, who need you. So, adopt any of these deprived children and enjoy the most beautiful feeling of the world!

7. Siblings

Are you looking for a ready-made family? If yes, you can adopt natural siblings. This way, you are not only completing your own family but also preventing the siblings from getting separated.

8. Career

Some women are so much inclined towards their career that they don’t think about expanding their family. And, with time, when they realize the need of a child, it’s too late. The only option for these women is to adopt a child.

9. Don’t Want to Lose Figure

There are several women, who are afraid of labor pains and that’s why don’t want to conceive. On the flip side, some women don’t want to expect because of the fear of losing their figure, after delivery. If you are one of them, then don’t worry! By adopting a child, you can become a mother, without any pain or affecting your figure.

10. Help a Relative or a Friend

Is your friend terminally ill? Think, who will take care of her child? Is any of your relative having twins and she is unable to handle two children simultaneously? These are the situations in which you can help them. Adopt and bestow your love on their child! This way the child remains in your own family.

11. Not Having an Apposite Partner

If you are a single or your heterosexual partner is not appropriate, then its better option to adopt a child for enjoying parenthood, rather than dealing with the long processes of surrogacy and searching a sperm donor for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Children are the future of the nation. By adopting, you not only help a child but also contribute to your society and country.