A Touch Of Magical Compassion Triggers Happiness

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I often hear people say that they begin their day with a positive mood and then things just get out of track and people behave in a way they should not and they get so involved in the state of affairs that the positivity seems to fly away from the window and unrealized, they end up exhausted at the end of the day!

What we often misunderstand is that the events define our life; the truth rather is our life consists of the people around us. The events are an outcome of the people and the relationships we share with them. So the first thing we need to work on is ‘compassion’. A positive day has to involve good wishes for the people around us. We are compassionate towards a certain people, to some we are very close and we obviously wish the best for them.

“Now, stop and think how many times has it happened that you’ve actually conferred heartfelt good wishes to someone? On wedding, birthdays, anniversaries! So, let this act of kindness not be bound to a certain occasions and make it a daily exercise through these simple steps”.

  1. Start with closing your eyes and withdrawing your attention from anywhere else. Take a few deep breaths and attain a comfortable position.
  2. Think about someone you truly care for… your daughter, mother, father, lover, husband or anyone who has inspired you in life. Imagine their presence around you… try to make a mental image of them. Now, say to them some praises and words of compassion. You can say something like “may you be free from pain and sorrow and always have a reason to smile.” You can use your own personalized phrases. Just be sure to feel the words you say. Lay silent and visualize your wishes entering them and filling them with brightness.
  3. Move your attention inwards and offer the same energy of compassion to yourself.
    “May I be free from pain and sorrow and find happiness everywhere.”
  4. Now turn your attention towards someone you don’t gel well with. Your boss, colleagues, relatives… anyone you find difficult to stand. After picturing them in your mind offer words of compassion to them too. Envisage that they will accept your wishes and fill them with happiness.
  5. Think of someone you hardly know, a woman you met in train, the shopkeeper of the departmental store, the teacher of your children. Do the same for them and don’t forget to involve yourself in the exercise. Pass genuine compassion and not made up.
  6. Now, imagine the whole world in your mind, whatever is your picture of the world. A huge crowd, comprising of some known and some unknown faces. And now say to them “may all be free from pain and hurt and happiness surround you.”

Sit silent for a few minutes and open your eyes now. You already will have a smile on your face and remember each thought we create has an invisible impact on the universe. The thoughts you have created will play their part and you’ll be surprised to see how your relationship improves with everyone and with yourself. Try to repeat this exercise every day.