A To Z for a Skin All Girls Would Envy


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bright picture of beautiful woman with lemon sliceFrom acne breakouts to dark circles to skin lightening… I have the solution to all your beauty problems. As working women, I know that there is nothing I can do about my dark circles until I have an easy quick fix to it. Gone are the days when my mom use to pamper me with slices of cucumber to lighten my dark circles.

Today, I would prefer something that is easy to apply, and is rewarding at the same time. Here, I bring for you the best A-Z beauty guide for those who have no time to look after your skin problems.

  • For those who have dry skin, combine a teaspoon of olive oil to ripe banana. Massage your face for ten minutes with it. Wash and pat dry.
  • For oily skin, add a teaspoon of honey to egg white and apply it over your face for ten minutes.
  • To get rid of pigmentation marks combine a teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of lemon. Apply the mixture for ten minutes and wash off.
  • For treating acne, boil neem leaves in water. Store this water, and wash off your face with neem water every day.
  • To get rid of black heads, add a teaspoon curd to rice powder, and apply it to your blackhead prone area every day. Wash and pat dry.
  • To treat your suntan, apply a generous amount of butter milk, and leave it over your face for ten minutes.
  • To get rid of excess oil over your t-zone, combine tomato juice and curd. Apply it for ten minutes. Wash off.
  • To get a daily glow, combine almond paste to mint leaves. Apply this paste daily for ten minutes, and pat dry.
  • To get rid of pimples, mix equal quantities of cucumber juice, and lemon juice. Store it in your ice cube tray. Rub your face daily with it.
  • For a perfect toner to all skin types, rub your face daily with rose water using a cotton ball.
  • To get rid of your open pores, combine egg whites and oatmeal together. Wash when the mixture dries.
  • To get rid of your dark circles, combine potato juice with cucumber juice. Store this mixture in an ice tray. Rub this mixture over your dark circles daily.
  • Also for dark circles, massage your under eye with a few drops of almond oil before you go to bed.
  • To treat scars and spots on your face, mix an equal amount of almond paste and curd. Apply it over your face for fifteen minutes, and wash off.
  • To cleanse over dry skin, combine a few drops of sunflower oil to 2 tbsp of milk. Gently rub your face with cotton balls dipped in this mixture. Wash and pat dry.
  • Apply a paste of sandalwood for ten minutes on your face to lighten your skin scars.
  • To get rid of sun tan instantly, apply a mixture of curd and besan on your face for fifteen minutes. Wash and pat dry.
  • Combine honey, egg white and lemon juice to lighten your skin colour. Apply this paste for ten minutes every day. Wash off.

So, what are you waiting for?? Pen down a list of your beauty ingredients you require, and rush to your nearby super market. After all it’s worth it…..ladies!!