A Thousand Splendid Suns- Khaled Hosseini

The authors’ first book, “The Kite Runner” was a blockbuster and it’s no wonder that the second book makes for a brilliant read too. The book centers on women, their friendships and their bond. The book gains momentum as it unfurls the beautiful story of mothers and daughters. A few scenes in the story are so well described that your heart goes out to the characters and you feel their pain and turmoil and a lot of places.

The authors’ style of writing is straightforward and weaves a tale of real people with simplicity and honesty. The emotions are genuine and the issues make you think. Stuck in circumstances that are far from their making (broken families, brutal marriages, exploitive cultural norms and tyrannical governments), the author feels the plight of the women in his homeland and deals with it in a commendable way. He is skilled at his genre and his narrative is explanatory, the tragedies seep into your soul and makes one live through the tragedies and humiliations that women in Afghanistan face.

Hosseini longs for a beautiful, safe and developed Afghanistan. The story helps you get a decent picture of the ordeals and tribulations of life in his motherland.