A Sensational Storm – Dr. Sarojini Sahoo

Indian Feminist Writer, Novelist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Essayist And Academician

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Prominent feminist writer and the winner of Orissa Sahitya Academy Award, Dr. Sarojini Sahoo, needs no introduction, as she recently has been listed among 25 extraordinary Indian women, by one of the famous Kolkata’s English magazine, ‘Kindle’. Apparent, this female has opted feminism as her forte and emerged as an embodiment of womanliness.

She is born and brought up in a little town of Dhenkanal, Odisha, in 1956, she got married to an expert writer, Mr. Jagadish Mohanty. Being a well-known blogger for ‘Sense & Sensuality’, and ‘Feminine-Fragrance’, she has been an author of numerous compilations of short stories. Some of her eminent works are – ‘Waiting for Manna’, ‘Sarojini Sahoo Stories’, ‘Nija GahirareNije’, etc. Her one of the most well-liked short story, ‘Amrutara Pratikshare’,  had given her Bhubaneswar Book Fair and Orissa Sahitya Academy Award. In one of her essay collections in 2010- ‘Sensible Sensuality’, she unveiled sexuality and feminism, from Eastern standpoints.

Through her effective intellectual writing, she has brought the womanly notions, and senses into our contemplation. Her unique style of writing on feminism is pretty much different from Judith Butler or Virginia Woolf. Although, she sometimes criticizes men, but, her catch on female related issues is commendable. Her consciousness of a female’s body exhibits her candidness and in-depth perception. She covers all the issues from teens to menopause, pregnancy, and sexual desires. This depicts a quite bold and honest picture of her female sensibilities.

Sarojini Sahoo, as a contemporary author, is often associated with words like- ‘frank’ and ‘bold’. She remains calm about critics of society. She kept on writing short stories, to fight with the domineering, and antagonistic beliefs of the world against females.

As per ‘The New York Times’ web portal- “This Indian feminist has written about the interior lives of women extensively, and how their burgeoning sexuality is seen, as a threat to traditional patriarchal societies”.

This conveys a clear message about her contribution in explicating a female’s emotional response. This acted as an augmentation, to spread awareness about female’s receptivity. She earned many titles, along with getting recognized as a true feminist by her efforts, in elaborating the details of a female’s sensuality. With consideration to her contribution and achievements, we recommend you to read some of her writings, as it’ll be a great source to enhance your discernment about women.