A Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Simple Workout Routine

1. Get Toned with Sketchers Shape-Ups


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How about we combine workout and shopping together? Tempting! Isn’t it?

Buy a pair of Shape-Up shoes, for instance Sketchers Shape-Up that costs around 4 to 5 thousand and are available on all online shopping portals. These shoes are designed in a way that it will tone your legs, bums, and improve your overall body posture. Of course, they won’t go along with your favorite summer dress, but try pairing them up with the sporty tee and a pair of leggings. Fair deal!

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2. Effortless Clenches

It’s our best excuse that we don’t get time for the workout after the busy office schedule, and all. So, here are a few exercises that you can do while sitting on your desk, making calls or checking emails.

  • Butt Clenches


Butt clenches are a good way to tone your bums. You have to squeeze your bums tightly, hold it for 2-3 seconds and then relax. Now, isn’t that simple enough to do while you are checking your mails. Do 15- 20 reps every day.

  • Tummy Clenches


Another is the tummy clench that will tone your tummy and take down that extra belly fat. Sit straight on your chair and pull your belly in, as much as you can. Hold and then relax. Repeat for a few times, every day.

3. Avoid the Elevator


Take the stairway instead of the elevator. Well, yes the elevator would be the tempting option but an expert tells us that taking 2 stairs, at once, would burn the calorie two times, and obviously takes half the time. Just remember to put on your flats while you are on the hopping mission.

4.  Shopping Bags cum Dumbbells


You don’t like lifting dumbbells but I’m sure you don’t mind lifting your shopping bags, no matter how heavy they get. While you are carrying shopping bags, roll your arms up and above, or back and down, for 4 to 5 times. This will not only remove extra fat from your arms but tone your back as well. Make sure you do 10-15 bicep curls while holding your shopping bags or carrying baskets.

5. Endless Gossip and Toned Abs


How many hours do you spend chatting on phone calls, with your friends, family, and colleagues? Well, here’s another smart tip. While you are talking on phone, lie down on your bed and do 15- 20 raises with each leg. This will tone your lower abs and you’ll have pretty love handles, instead of side tires. Isn’t that an amazing deal?

6.  Bath and Squat


You just can’t find time for squats and all. Right? So try this. Next time when you go for a bath, put all your beauty products on the floor. Now, do squats whenever you need to use any of it. The more beauty products you have, the better toned you will be. Another reason to shop! What say?

7. Get a Toned Lower Back


Here’s another tip to renovate your study, and tone up your body at the same time. Replace your chair with a balancing ball. Now, you must sit on the balance-ball while you work on your computer or read a book. This will tone up your lower back in the most simplified way ever. And trust me you’ll just love the tangy look it would add to your study.