A Lack of Sleep Could Make You Fat!

“Sleep is God. Go worship.”  – Jim Butcher, Death Masks

Sleep deprivation not just make you bushed and exhausted, but also sabotage your health and waistline! A research study has revealed that a lack of sleep slows down your metabolism, making your body utilize less energy. This aids in gaining weight.

Here are 3 factors how a lack of sleep could make you fat.

1. Lack of Sleep Leads to Less Burning of Calories


While sleeping, our body performs healing, repairing, and regeneration of tissues. In these metabolic activities, energy is required. Simply, your body burns calories. But, if you sleep less, you will keep on snacking, which acts as fresh fuel for these wear and tear activities, thereby preventing your body from burning the pre-accumulated fats.

2. Lack of Sleep Increases Your Cravings


Sleeping too little can imbalance your hormone level. Insufficient sleep boosts the level of ‘gherlin’- a hunger stimulating and fat producing hormone. The result is your cravings for food increases, tempting you to consume more food.

3. You Eat More Than You Actually Need, When You Sleep Less


Less sleep lowers down the level of ‘leptin’- a hormone that regulates your hunger. This hormone informs you that you are full and need not to eat more. The production of leptin is low during the day (as you need more energy during daytime), and high during the night (it keeps hunger at bay, when you sleep). Inadequate sleep enhances gherlin level and reduces leptin level, prompting you to go for potato chips or other comfortable foodstuff.