A Gym at Your Office, Sounds Cool?

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Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering- an image of death.” – Buddha

What a nice quote! Physical fitness is as important as mental fitness to strike a balance between work and life. Employers…are you accede with me? So, if you agree with me; what have you done for improving the physical health of your employees? If done nothing, then be quick! Otherwise, you will have to confront with awful situations, like less productivity, more sick days, absenteeism, etc. I can suggest you one way to purge these circumstances- incorporate gym or fitness center in your office/company. Good suggestion na? I know, you are thinking about the cost of establishing a gym…but, I am sure, it will be less than the medical insurance claims made by your employees.

Advantages of Corporate Gym

  • Less health insurance claims…means saving of money for the company.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Less sick days…means you need not to search for replacements.
  • Stress reduction among employees.

Below are the lists of the Companies with Fitness Center/Gym

  • Infosys, Bangalore

Infosys provides outsourcing services, engineering, technology, and business consulting in over 30 countries. This company brags a ten thousand square feet gym for its employees. This gym is referred to as the Infosys City, Bangalore Health Club.

  • Hyundai Motor India, Delhi

This company has built-in expedient health center within their premises. This enables the employees to work out before or after work or during lunch breaks.

  • Virtusa, Hyderabad

Virtusa is an IT company situated in Hyderabad.  For keeping their employees physically fit, it provides gym facilities inside the office premises.

  • Agilent Technologies

This company designs and manufactures bio-analytical and electronic equipments and instruments. Along with education leaves, flexible working hours and annual employee health check-up, it also provides the facility of gym to its employees.

  • Tech Mahindra

It is business transformation consulting company and a leading global systems integrator. One of the branches of this company is in Noida, there is a fitness center for the employees.

A healthy employee is an asset for the company. Understand this veracity and work towards it.