A Green Wedding: Green Idea for That Special Day……

Green Weddings

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Imagine yourself being surrounded with gorgeous green trees, sprawling grass fields and awesome bouquets on a very special day of your life- that’s your wedding. How do you feel?

Realize your imaginations by planning your wedding in an eco-friendly manner. It’s not difficult. Eco-friendly weddings are not only cost-effective, but also as special as conventional weddings. I guess, your friends and family members will also enjoy being a part of amazing wedding ceremony.

Here are some suggestions to make your wedding unique.

Wedding Dress

Looking best and different on the wedding day is the dream of every bride. Wedding dress plays an important role in fulfilling your dream. So, when you go for your wedding dress shopping, keep the following points in mind:

  • Buy wedding dress made up of organic fabric, like silk, hemp, bamboo or cotton.
  • You can also go for vintage dresses.
  • Purchase such dresses that you can wear again.
  • Buy the wedding dress that can be recycled.

Wedding Invitations

Invitation cards give your guests an insight into how the wedding day will be! Make your wedding invitation card different from others….

  • You can adorn the wedding invites with grains, seeds or natural products. Avoid silver and gold for adornment.
  • Use recyclable paper for invitation cards.
  • Use bamboo, jute and other natural fibers for designing the cards.
  • Get the cards designed by calligrapher, instead of printing them.
  • You can also use palm leaves for invitation cards.
  • E-mail is the best way to give invitation to your friends and relatives.

Wedding Venue

While choosing the venue for your wedding, consider the following points:

  • You can plan your wedding outdoor in botanical gardens, farms or hilltops. This will save electricity and your expenses as well.
  • Plan a day-time wedding. Choose the venue having sufficient sunlight.
  • Choose the venue convenient to travel by most of your guests. Lesser the distance, greater the saving of fuel.
  • Minimize list of guests. This will decrease fuel and food wastage.
  • Organize the reception and ceremony at the same venue.
  • If you want to celebrate your wedding ceremony indoor, choose the organic hotel that utilizes eco-friendly products and energy-saving devices.


The bride and the groom perform various rituals and customs in mandap (wedding stage). Stage decoration can’t be overlooked, as it makes your marriage a memorable and historic event.

Here are some eco-friendly ways to decorate the mandap:

  • Use organic flowers, like jasmine, marigold, roses, etc. for decoration.
  • Decorate with dried grasses, bamboos, potted plants or green branches.
  • You can also décor the stage with floral garlands.
  • Eco-friendly candles are made up of petroleum by-products. Candles, made up of beeswax and soy, are also available in the market. These candles will increase the beauty of the mandap.
  • Floral bouquets and recycled ribbons are alternative options.

Food for thought: Wedding Menu

Weddings are not all about shopping. They are about food too! Deciding the menu is not a pretty simple affair. Once you have chosen your menu items, you also have to move on to organizing the wedding menu.

Here are some tips to make your weeding menu eco-friendly.

  • Include organic food and salads in your menu list.
  • Use organic sauces and chocolates as desserts.
  • You can include organic champagnes and wines.
  • Use seasonal foods. Avoid buying food from abroad.
  • Add those foods in your list, which are grown in local areas.
  • Try to avoid non-vegetarian items from your menu list.

So, include the flavors in your wedding celebration and double the joy!