A 7 Day Body Conditioning Workout for Women

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The strength and balance of your body tissue greatly depends on the amount of physical exercise you undertake each week. These exercises increase the fitness of your body by muscle building, elevating organ efficiency and burning unwanted fat.

Muscle Conditioning


One of the central aspects of the body conditioning workout is the way it affects the muscle tissues of one’s body. Conditioning exercises include movement or resistance on the different muscle groups of the human body. This resistance develops microscopic tears in the tissues of the muscles, activates cells that build these muscles, and conditions the groups for future exercise movements.

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Heart Conditioning


The energy need in your body increases with increase in the work and resistance of your muscles. In order to create new energy, a considerable amount of oxygen is to be made available in the blood. For this, the body speeds up the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. When your heart muscle is worked hard, it becomes strong, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Lung Conditioning


To supply the blood with the oxygen (required creating more energy), the body needs to activate the lungs, so that they inhale oxygen faster. Conditioning exercises increase the overall strength and health of your lungs.

Now, to increase your muscle tone and fitness, here’s a cardio workout and weight training program of only 7 days!


Total number of days- 7

Level of training- Beginner

Type of workout- Full body

Goal- Building muscle


This 7 day fitness program is extremely suitable for those not wanting to join a gym and even people who have not lifted a weight before in their life. The exercises are easy to perform, can be learned quickly and require just a few equipments. The program is not very intense and put you in charge of your fitness!


Day 1- Weight Routine (A)

Day 2- Cardio for 45 minutes

Day 3- Weight Routine (B)

Day 4- Cardio for 45 minutes

Day 5- Weight Routine (C)

Day 6- Cardio for 45 minutes

Day 7- A bicycle ride or walk for 60 minutes at a good speed.


  • A set of dumbbells (varying from 2.5 to 5 kg, depending upon the level of your strength)
  • A stability ball
  • An exercise bike (this is optional)
  • An exercise step (this is also optional)

Note: 3 sets of 20 reps means that you do 20 reps, then take a short pause, repeat 20 reps, go in for a short pause and then do the remaining 20 reps. In case you are not able to complete all the reps, opt for a lighter weight.



Also, the lying exercises can be done by holding one weight in each of your hand or by holding a single weight in between your two hands. If the muscle is strong, use a heavier weight, and vice versa.




Cardio Activity


  • Step up the right leg
  • Repeat the same with your left leg
  • Step down the right leg
  • Now repeat with your left leg
  • Tap the ground with your left foot

Now changeover 

  • Step up the left leg
  • Repeat with your right leg
  • Step down the left leg
  • Repeat with your right leg
  • Now tap the ground with your right foot

Do according to your strength and ability. Increase or decrease the tempo, depending upon the music you are playing along.