A 3 Years Old Who Plays With Real Reptiles Instead Of Toys

Three years old Charlie parker, in Australia, has an unusual charm of playing with an alligator and snake. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?


Yes! While most of the kids would indulge in playing with toys, this 3 year old boy is obsessed with real reptiles. His best friend Pablo is a boa constrictor who is 8 feet long. While most of us would jump at the sight of an 8 feet long boa constrictor, Charlie would rather indulge in a playful wrestle with it. Also, he loves an alligator named Gump, and you may find him playing with it.

Charlie’s dad runs Ballarat Wildlife Park, in Victoria, Australia; he thinks that Charlie’s love for animals is genetic. Greg parker thinks that he couldn’t be proud of his son further. He says, “He can be an ambassador for ‘Animal Conservation and Welfare’. I think it’s great for everybody”. 



Charlie is just 3; you must be thinking that he is too young to play with these wild animals. Animal expert- jack Hanna tells us- proper supervision of wild animals is critical. Without that, people are placed in jeopardy. Children and wild animals are not a good mix”. He adds, “You can train a wild animal, but you can never a tame wild animal.”


Charlie wraps the boa constrictor around his neck. Boa constrictor is a snake that kills its prey by coiling tightly around and suffocating it to death. Charlie’s dad says that they never encouraged Charlie with the animals. He had born with it. Snakes and crocodiles are in the good books of Charlie!

Boa constrictor Pablo is Charlie’s best friend!


Charlie with junior alligator!


He can often be found wrestling playfully with the wild alligator!