9 Wrong Reasons to Get Married


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Marriage means commitment for one person for the rest of the life. Marriage can be value addition to your life and source of tremendous happiness, if hearts of both the partners meet for good reasons. Unfortunately, many people opt for marriage for all off beam reasons. I’ve compiled all those 9 scenarios where marriage is not the ultimate solution. If any of these dump reasons pertains to you, then you should definitely say ‘no’ to marriage.

1.   Your Buddies Are Getting Married


You’re tired of attending countless wedding ceremonies. It’s damn frustrating and leave you feel left out. It looks as if everyone on the planet is getting married. All your close friends are either married or getting married this season, and you’re still in a queue. If everyone is jumping off a cliff, should you also do the same?

2.   Want to Plan a Dreaming Wedding and Getting Drunk


Ever since a woman is a little girl, they dream of picture perfect of their marriage. They wish to look like a ‘Princess’ dressed up in amazing bridal wear, and jewelleries to match up their dream look on their D-day. Isn’t it a stupid excuse to marry? It is nothing more than a sheer wastage of lakhs of money.

3.   Unexpected Pregnancy


Unexpected pregnancy is a scary situation for sure shot. Raising children without being married is stigma in our society. If the two of you are not ready to take responsibilities of a baby, then it is better not to rush into anything, and stick to the dating only. More importantly, a child can be raised well only by loving parents. Protected sex is always recommended.

4.   In a Need to Support You Financially


There are hundreds of reasons causing cash flow trouble these days. Credit card bills, low paying, entry level jobs, and student loans are some reasons that encourage many girls start thinking of marrying a Mr. Rich. The idea to tie a knot with someone who is a financially stable doesn’t sound good. Don’t rush into marrying a Mr. ‘Moneybag’. Marriage is a life changing event of one’s life. Think twice before taking this big step.

5.   You’re Reaching Your 30s, 35s


The loud ticking biological clock of women is undoubtedly a common reason of many women to settle down. But, it is silly to marry with someone just because you’re getting older. It is a full-fledged step towards a marital disaster.

6.   You Love Kids and Want Your Own Baby


Raising kids is a big responsibility, bigger than you actually think. We suggest that even after you are married, take your time to settle down first. Kids are very tender and delicate, specially in their initial years, and thus, need your undivided attention. So, do not jump into the decision of getting married just for the love you have for children.

7.   Dating Him for Long and Marriage Is the Next Step


This is the most stupid reason. Is there any relationship schedule? No, there is no relationship period. If he’s in a rush to marry you, then certainly something fishy is going on. Check out all things before taking a big step of your life.

8.   To Have Sex All the Time


Marriage is not just about getting involved with someone physically. It’s about a divine bonding between two persons, and two families. Being in a relationship, this is just a factor that counts in one’s married life, but it’s not everything that one needs for a ‘perfect life’. So, please start thinking of marriage beyond “sex”, if you are marrying on this account specifically.

9.   You Want to Move Out of Your Parents’ Home


It’s true that it appears cool that a married person has freedom to take his/her decisions. But marriage comes with not only liberty, but also with responsibilities. It makes a person realize that the shell of home and the protective aura that our parents provide is incomparable.