9 Smart Parenting Tricks to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

Being a parent, you want your children to be together, throughout their life. We expect them to exchange love, but their age and phenomenon takes them somewhere else. Their daily fights make you get pissed off. You burst on them. Sometimes their battle becomes brutal, which ends with some destructive consequences.


Let me share 9 tactics to cope up with such a scenario:

1.    The initial step for you is- to start treating every child individually. Also make your kids realize that they’re being treated differently because they are different personalities.

2.   Never compare your children with each other. This generates a feeling of opposition in them from childhood.

3.   You also need to spy the time and places, where they’re not getting along well. Concerning this, plan different secret activities for such situations.

4.   Avoid favouritism! Have equal expectations from every kid. Put stress on how they can cope up well.

5.   Do not leave any opportunity to motivate and praise them, when they’ve sorted out their conflicts own their own.

6.   One-on-one interaction is the key to their hearts. Spend some time with your children to know their feelings.

7.   Yelling or lecturing won’t be the solution at all. Talk with tranquillity.

8.   If you are a short-tempered person, don’t show your anger in front of your children; they learn what they see.

9.   If you find that the fight can be violent, stop it immediately. Take them apart. When they get relaxed, have a discussion about the clashes; tell them clear that violent behaviour will never be bearable at home, and the culprit will be punished next time.

Well, we can go on with many suggestions, but, if these basics pointers are followed strictly, they are enough to resolve the squabble. Sibling fights are normal, but before it turns out to be a lifelong bitterness of hearts, it’s imperative to bring it to a halt. Remember, ‘every child is special’!