9 Proven Natural Alternatives to Energy Drinks


The hustle and bustle or cobwebs of life make us feel tired to the core. We get so tired after work hours that we just rush to home, have dinner and lye on bed. We seek for available energy supplements in the market such as Red Bull, Tzinga, etc., but have you ever realized that you are welcoming the harm through those energy drinks. Such drinks contain artificial flavoring substances, plethora of sugar, food dyes, and what not! Instead, there is a variety of natural energy supplements that nature has provided us, and we should consume as it will boost up our energy levels naturally and automatically. Plus, they don’t contain anything synthetic.


Here are the natural energy supplements that nature has provided us, which are far better than the artificial ones.

1. Cacao Powder

natural-supplements-to-energy-drinks-cacao-powderIt is one of the best energy boosters as it contains many minerals and vitamins such as iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and other anti-oxidants. Cacao is known to lift up your mood and even helps your body to fight with infections and ailments. It also helps to curb your appetite. Add a tablespoon of it into any smoothie or shake, and see how much energized you are going to feel for the rest of the day.

2.  Maca


It is another natural energy stimulant that energizes the mind and body. Maca roots are somewhat similar to turnip and are extremely beneficial for sufferers of low thyroid. Whenever you feel slothful, just add a table spoon of maca powder into a smoothie or shake. It tastes much like butterscotch with no sugar levels. So, it is healthy and flavorsome at the same time.

3. Cayenne Pepper or Red Chili

natural-supplements-to-energy-drinks-red-chilliThough it is a mild energy pick-me-up, but it is extremely effective against headaches and is an alternative to aspirins. It is great for the overall metabolism of your body, and it also smoothes the blood flow in your body. You can add a bit of it in your tea along with lemon (black tea) or just sprinkle some over your favorite smoothie and see how it works wonders.

4.  Espresso


Ah! Now everyone knows the benefits of drinking espresso. I still remember the time when I used to sit for long till late night to complete my assignments. I used to prepare a cup of espresso (black coffee), and it used to take my energies to a new level altogether. I guess most of you have experienced the beneficial results of having an espresso. Besides, it is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, iron. So, whenever you feel low or lethargic next time, have a cup full of espresso rather than artificial energy drinks.

5.  Chia Seeds


Chia or kalonji seeds are so amazing that you can have them instead of food. Chia seeds were used in ancient times by warriors as they couldn’t consume food for hours, so they used to have these seeds to keep them energized. Although it is not a stimulant, but it can certainly boost up your energy levels for hours. You can consume it in smoothies, cold coffee or any other shake.

6.  Ginseng


Indian Ginseng is well-known as ashwagandha, which is a powerful herbal stimulant. It gives energy equivalent to coffee. It also contains some carcinogenic benefits. You can consume it in the form of powder, pill or any other form that is available in your area.

7.  Coconut Oil


Fats of this incredible oil are consumed by your cells, to aid in thyroid and metabolic functions. It is very often seen that athletes consume this oil to raise their energy levels instantly. It also has anti-viral properties, so you can consume it for fighting against infections. But, make sure that you consume the extra virgin or organic form of this oil, to get the real benefits.

8.  Green Tea


Green tea is another powerful antioxidant and pick-me-up agent for your body. It doesn’t make you feel jittery at all, rather makes you feel refreshed throughout the day. Besides, it has got calming properties to soothe your mind and body. Have a cup full of green tea in the morning to kick start your day.

9.  Guarana


Do you know that the amount of caffeine present in guarana is thrice of the amount present in the same quantity of coffee? Since it contains so much of caffeine in it, it is advisable to have it once in a day so that you stay away from jitters. It fights with fatigue, enhances your mental focus and alertness, and thus helps you to concentrate properly and more effectively.