9 Month Old Babies Swimming like Pros! Parents Astonished and So are We!

They can’t walk. They can’t talk. Can’t even stand, but they can swim like pros!

Meet William and Ellie.  They are 9 months old and perfectly normal, until you put them into a pool. They are extraordinary in water. Swimming on their backs for 25 meters, ..i.e, almost 27 yards. These newborns swim across the pool without any assistance from their mother, or the swimming instructor. Its absolutely heartwarming and amazing to watch them swim.

Watch the Video:

Their parents Vic and Charley thought, it was normal, until they took them to the “Imagine Swimming”, and the instructor was thrilled to see their talent. Imagine Swimming in New York, teaches swimming to more than 6 months old babies. There are some schools who are starting the swim training at just 4 weeks! Sure, taking the plunge for the first time is not easy on the parent!

Brenden O’Melveny, director of Imagine Swimming says, that its a combination of god gifted instincts and human talent.

Study says that newborn babies have reflexes, which makes them move their legs and arms while holding breath, if you put them in water. So, its a good idea to start the swim training of your baby, before you start the speech training. Though, under expert supervision ,of course!