9 Fashion Tips to Follow During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is certainly that period of time in a woman’s life, when she starts to lose her charm, because of her bloated baby bump. Moreover, while conceiving, a woman develops a habit of hogging more and more food, which also adds Trans fats into her body. Looking equally chic as you were before pregnancy, becomes extremely challenging. It might be challenging, but certainly, it is not impossible. You can stay chic and trendy during pregnancy as well. You just need to follow the right dressing and accessorising trend that will keep up the charm.

Feminiya is suggesting you everything from head to toe, that you can slip into during pregnancy, to beat the bloat and stay stylish as always.

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Tip #1- Dress According to Your Shape


Every pregnant woman’s body get changed into a different shape, and keeps on changing throughout the time. So, get to know the shape of your body during pregnancy and buy stuffs accordingly to wear. Do not buy clothes mimicking other pregnant women around you, as your body may develop into a totally different shape. While buying apparels, go for darker colours, as darker shades will always make you look slimmer

Tip #2- Choose Undergarments that are Ultra Comfortable


During pregnancy, comfort is the foremost thing that a woman desires for. So, you should buy undergarments that should be light, soft and breathable. Go for a correct size, and choose a yummy-mummy lingerie.

Tip #3- Go for Basics


While buying stuffs during pregnancy, it is highly advisable not to splurge unnecessarily on clothes and go for basics, as they would be dumped after a few months and will no longer go with your persona, as you are going to shrink. But, there are few quintessential types of apparel on which you can splurge, like a pencil skirt, denim that is fondling and comfortable to wear.

Tip #4- Opt for Block Colours


During pregnancy, go for simple block colors, that are single colored clothes rather than wearing that shady and printed stuff. If you are a color baby, then you can do up with colorful accessories.

Tip #5- Spice it up with Maxi Dresses


No matter, what your body shape and type is, Maxi dress is something that goes with each and every body shape. You can wear any type of maxi dress with either heels or flats, and they are going to make you stylish and glamorous, indeed.

Tip #6- Friend’s Help


One of the other fashion tips to be remembered during the period is- you can borrow stuff from your friends, who had got pregnant in the past. They might or might not fit you, but you should consider it asking them once, so that you can try on.

Tip #7- Hair & Makeup


So, what if you are pregnant? That does not restrain you from being modish and glamorous. You might have few restrictions in terms of apparels, but you can doll up the way you want to, and can slip into any hairstyle.

Tip #8- Rock it up with Ballerinas


For obvious reasons, you cannot wear heels during pregnancy as your stomach is already protruding, and as you reach near your delivery time, your feet will swell up. Give your feet a soothing comfort and relaxation with flats and ballerinas. You can pick from a range of colours available in the market. Vibrancy of colours will add to your style factor.

Tip #9- Right to Get Pampered


Pregnancy brings out the profound emotions of a woman. She becomes even more sensitive and emotional during this period. So we advise pregnant women to get pampered by availing various services at salons, like a manicure, pedicure, clean ups, hair and body spa, and more. You can spend your entire afternoon in salon without anyone questioning you, because you have all the rights to be pampered during this period.

So be it the onset of pregnancy or the last week , stay updated in terms of fashion and keep your charm alive always.

Good luck!