9 Common Myths about Menstruation

Sameera called her boss and asked to leave for a day. Why? It’s the first day of her periods, and like any other normal girl, she too is feeling low and lethargic. She is not in the mood to attend office, or even party. She is denying going for shop, for exercise, and the list goes…


Here are some myths related to menstruation, which every woman should know:

1. Menses Make the Body Weak:

This is not true at all; your body doesn’t become weak because of blood loss. It’s a fact that you lose 150 ml of blood, i.e. 4-6 spoons only. But, if you are anemic, then it’s a different situation.

2. Menstrual Blood is an Alien:

No ladies! Blood, during the menstrual cycle, is similar to the blood, while regular bleeding. It doesn’t have a foul smell; there is nothing unusual about it. Remember! Change pads to avoid bacteria. It keeps you fresh.

3. No Exercise:

It’s a rubbish myth. You can do workouts, even the exhausting ones too. But, if you are into doing yoga, then avoid stretching and heavy breathing asana. You can go for swimming, even in the oceans. Don’t worry, if somehow the blood leaks, sharks won’t make you their dinner.

4. Avoid Sex:

If you feel uncomfortable, than you can avoid the intercourse. But, if you and your partner are up, then forget the rest. Guess what? The orgasms give you ease from severe cramps.

5. Menstrual Cramps:

It’s the foremost trouble that most of the women face. On the first day, severe pain is normal, and you can minimise it by consuming chocolates. It works, trust me, it does. If the pain persists for the rest of days, then I would suggest you to consult a Gynaecologist.

6. Relax, You won’t Get Pregnant:

It’s a myth.  Periods won’t stop the working of your reproductive system. You can get pregnant during periods. It would be better using condoms, or take contraceptives pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

7. Don’t Wash Hair:

Who says that??? There is absolutely no reason to avoid using shampoos during periods. You can wash your hair, can get a haircut, go for hair spa, colour your hair, and can straighten them.

8. Don’t Eat It:

That’s a myth. Don’t stop eating anything during these days. You can eat anything that you like. It’s not necessary to follow any special diet chart, for these 5 days.

9. 28 Days Cycle:

A cycle of menstruation varies, depending upon the physical health of the lady. 28 days’ cycle is an average time only.

So cheer up ladies! You can do whatever you like. Have a fun!