9 Causes of Stress that Makes Your Life Miserable

We all get fascinated by modernism and contemporary lifestyles. Globalization has certainly changed the whole scenario of India, be it everything from jobs to dressing to living. It is good to become modern and keep pace with the moving world, but, we often ignore the fact and priceless things that we leave behind in achieving success and money, and one of those priceless and extremely valuable things is- peace in life.


In earlier days, a man used to leave his home by 10 AM and come back home by 6:00 PM. Post his arrival, he used to spend time with his wife, kids and other family members, but at present day, he has become so greedy and restless for money and success that he has no time for his personal life. In fact, men and women, who are working today, do not have time for even themselves as they are so much preoccupied with their professional life. This mix of pressures from professional and personal front leads to anger, irritation, frustration and depression. This is one of the major reasons why people become a heart patient at an age of 25 or 30.

Today, I am going to tell you that what exactly this stress is, how does it occur and the ways you can come over the problem of stress?

What is Stress?


Stress is your response to the events that threatens you or imbalances your mood. Stress, to a limited extent, is good for your health, as it motivates you to perform better. Stress is that pressure that makes you energetic and alert whilst working on a project, and makes you concentrated while solving your exam paper or a tally worksheet. But, stress beyond a certain point is very harmful for your body, as its aftermaths are terrible.

It can damage your health, create nuisance in your healthy relationships, deteriorate your productivity at work and worsen the overall quality of life that you live.

There are 10 major reasons of stress, which I am telling you. Read on to know what are those 10 causes that can worsen the quality of your happy and cheerful life?

#1- Economic Factor


This is one of the major stress causing factors in a person’s life. Most of the people are tensed about their economic life, like pending loans, struggle with the limited salary in a private sector, cost of living, and fulfill demanding needs of family.

#2- Work Overload


This is another major factor that deteriorates the quality of life. Free time in a person’s life is actually shrinking. Emails, internet and other modern technologies have although made things very easy, but, at the same time, quite complex when you talk about peace in an individual’s life. For example, you might be relaxing in a swimming pool in a hotel and suddenly, your boss might call you to send him the mail regarding a customer, and you have to do that, otherwise, your competitor might do that, which could hinder the chances of your promotion.

#3- Job Dissatisfaction


We all know that economic crisis is surrounding the world and we cannot just think of luxuries at our workplaces. Moreover, people are forced to just earn money and liking and disliking the work is not in their hands. They have to work in a job, even if, they do not like it, as situations force them to do so.

#4- Personal Relationships


Conflicts and disagreements in personal relationships is another problem that causes stress. Conflicts and arguments lead to break-ups and divorces, which accounts for plethora of stress in a person’s life.

#5- Family Care


Till the time, you do not earn and there are no responsibilities or expectations on your shoulder, everything is fine. But the moment, you start earning and get married and have kids, you are loaded with dozens of family responsibilities right from dropping your children to their respective schools, meeting their teachers, and looking after their everyday routine. Besides this, you have to take care of your parents and grandparents, their medications, taking them to doctor and stuff like that. All this put you under a stress, when combined with other factors of work and relationships.

#6- Never Say “NO” Attitude


This behavior is found in most of us and it is also a major cause of stress and fatigue. Actually, we are always afraid to say ‘No’ as we do not want to make the other person unhappy, be it our boss at workplace or wife at home. In doing so, we are not able to extract time for ourselves and relax for a moment, which eventually put us under stress.

#7- Obsession of Perfection


In this competitive world, we all are obsessed with perfection. We fear committing mistakes and hence, in order to do things perfectly, we become more stressful. It leaves no time with us to think about ourselves for our close ones.

#8- Lack of Interest


You must have observed one thing in your behavior at your workplace, like you take up a job, start working on it, but in the middle; you get bored and try to quit. This occurs because you do not have any motivation to do that thing and you lack interest in that particular job. This pushes you towards the vicious circle of stress that makes you more and more pressurized and tensed.

#9- Disorder and Confusion


When things around us are not organized properly and a lot of confusion is there, then there seems to be a natural chaos in our lives. It includes a lot of things, like you always get late for your office, you are not able to complete your targets, you feel sleepy and lethargy during office hours and many more. All these things club together and put you under stress and pressure.

So, these are the major causes that all of us face in our lives. We should try to live a happy and cheerful life and take as little stress as we can. Nevertheless, I am going to come very soon to tell you that how can you keep stress at bay and enjoy a comfortable and relaxed life.

Cheers and keep smiling!