8 Weird Death Statistics you won’t Believe!

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For every beginning, there is an end! And that applies to our lives too, but sometimes the end is just too weird. Death comes in various forms (as yamraj for us!), but some of them are just too unbelievable. Too bizarre to believe, but well I’ve got you some of the weirdest death statistics that would make you wonder about the fragility of our lives, and how a naive stupid little thing can be life threatening!

1.      Mosquitoes hold the record of most deaths all around the world due to an animal. (Consider using Odomas as your daily moisturizer!
2.      Texting while driving is responsible for 6000 deaths annually in U. S . A research by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) says that the risk of collision is 23 times greater when a person is texting while driving. (So, I need to keep a check! And you too!)
3.      600 people die annually due to autoerotic Asphyxiation while masturbating. The term means suffocating and strangling oneself to increase sexual tension. When brain is deprived of oxygen, feeling and sensation is heightened. (Have good airy sex! Or keep oxygen mask handy while you are doing it!)
4.       Shark attacks kill around 40 people every year. It was found that the rate of people going for coast holidays has substantially increased and hence the stats! (Go for road trips, desserts, hills, plains, ice, snow, volcanoes, whatever but no seas!)
5.      450 people die of falling of the bed in U.S every year. Center for disease control reports that falling out of the bed is responsible for 1.8 million emergency room visits and over 400 thousand hospital admissions. Too young and elderly people are most at risk. (Am thinking of buying a short… Like really really short bed for myself when I reach 60!)

6.      Falling coconuts kill almost 150 people per year. Studies tell that falling from 80 ft. They build an impact speed of 50 mph, which has quite a deadly impact on the ground or whoever is standing on the ground. (Another reason to not go for coast vacations! Hell! I loved seas!)

7.      Obesity can be regarded the cause of 3 lac deaths around the year in America. (So you see there’s more to overeating than just bad shape!)

8.      Ants are killing 30 people every year. 280 species of ants are capable of killing. Siafu ants and fire ants of Africa are the deadliest coz they live in colonies of around 20 million, and they can easily overpower their prey. Most ant deaths happen due to a person falling asleep near an aunt hill, etc. (And that’s why your mom tells you not to sleep in the garden!)