8 Vintage Accessories for Your Awesome Hair

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Do you want to give extra edge to your everyday hair style? If yes, a lot of hair accessories are available for you to add glamour to your gorgeous strands. If you intend to use them daily, go for simple and elegant designs. You can choose elaborated designs for special occasions.

1. Vintage Hair Combs


These hair combs are made up of silver with studded diamonds, crystals, rhinestones and pearls. These hair combs add a charismatic look to simple hairstyles. Simply place these vintage combs on your bun or French twist. These days, vintage floral hair combs are also in trend.

2. Vintage Hair Clips


Adorn your hair with timeless style! These clips look amazing with both modern and vintage hairstyles. Moreover, the modern designed hair clips can’t thrash the charm of these vintage hair clips.

3.  Vintage Hair Ties


Tie your long strands at your desire with these vintage hair ties! They are available in various colours. You can also wear them as bracelets.

4.  Vintage Hair Barrettes


Adorn your tresses with elegant barrettes! These barrettes fit comfortably in your strands, giving them a royal look.

5.  Vintage Headbands


Give perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle with vintage headbands. Weather your hair are long or small, weather you have a stylish bob or long  tumbling curls, vintage headband suits all hair styles and types.

6. Vintage Tiaras


Compliment your upswept or curly hair style with vintage tiara. It’s a bridal hair accessory. Tiaras are available in various forms, but bun rings and headband tiaras are in trend.

7. Vintage Veils


Veils with antique lace are in trend. Various types of hair veils are available in specialized vintage shops, like blush veils, bandeau veils, tulle veils caps, birdcage veils, etc. Brides, who want to add a classic antique charisma on their wedding, can wear these vintage veils.

8. Vintage Hair Brooches


Vintage hair brooches are available in both hairpin and comb style. Floral and butterfly pattern brooches are very popular. They are adorned with diamonds, pearls, silver and rhinestones.