8 Tips to Remove Maths Phobia

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MATHS…..a horrible subject!!! I remember, my friends used to regard maths as Mental Attack To Handsome Students! “Apni naiya hai Ram ke bharose…” these are the words of most of the students, when they are asked about the maths question paper after the exam. Is this subject really a great headache? Actually, it’s a scoring subject! You just need to remove maths phobia from your mind and do a little practice to perform outstanding!

Maths Phobia

Here are some tips that will help you to learn mathematics in an easier way.

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1. Read Completely

In several questions, some ‘extra information’ is provided. Many students glance hastily and start calculations. It’s wrong! Before going towards the solution of the problem, you should read it completely. If the question is complicated, read it twice or thrice, and try to understand it.

2. Clarify Your Concepts

Pay attention in your math classes and listen carefully. Ask a lot of questions to your teacher until your doubts get clarified. Take help of your friends and discuss the problems with them.

3. Practice…Practice….Practice

An old proverb says, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Cramming will not help you in this subject. The only mantra to succeed in this subject is to practice a lot.

4. Be Confident

Learn the formulas and apply them wisely. Don’t get confused while solving the questions. If you are not able to solve the problem, don’t leave it. Try to solve it again and again. Don’t assume yourself less competent than others. Remember, you can perform better than others!

5. Draw Diagrams

Try to make the problem easy by drawing a diagram, if possible. It will help you in understanding the question and give you an idea how to solve it.

6. Guess the Answer

You can easily guess the approximate answers of several questions. After solving the question, check whether the answer is near to the guessed one or not. If not, recheck your calculations.

7. Recheck Your Answer

Once completing the difficult question, recheck the answer by solving it on a new paper. If the new answer matches with your previous answer, then it indicates that your answer might be right.

8. Work in the Similar Units of Measure

While performing calculations for a problem ensure that you are working in the same units. Make necessary conversions (i.e. convert all the values in the similar units).

“If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.”Tobias Dantzig

Maths is not a bystander sport, you have to involve in it actively to learn it!