8 Tips to Outwit Your Allergies

“Every season can be an allergy season, depending on what you’re allergic to.”  

Clara Chung

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Do you have chronic reactions to dust, smoke, pollen or food? If so, it sounds allergic in nature. What to do about it? Don’t mull over so much. Just follow the given below tips and you can outsmart your allergies.

1. Clean up Your Home Smartly


Dust may worsen the allergic situation. Furniture, carpets, blankets, curtains and bed linens provide a habitation for several allergens.  Wear a filter mask while sprucing up your home. Apply HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuum cleaner for cleaning purpose. It is far better than traditional vacuum cleaner as it can ambush a lot of tiny particles. Sponge down bed linens in hot water every week. Instead of carpets, cover the floorings with washable rugs.

2. Drink Green Tea


A cup of green tea every day can keep your heart healthy and quash the cancer. But, do you know that green tea also helps in overcoming allergic reactions? Yes, it’s a fact! Sipping 2 or 3 cups of green tea a day can boost the body’s defence and provides immunity against dust, pet dander and pollen.

3. Knit Yoga into Your Workout Plan


Include yoga into your exercise plan, and say bye to your allergies. During the extended phase of stress, some chemicals and hormones are released in your body, thereby triggering an immune reaction. It’s unfeasible to trough stress entirely, but, you can manage it to a considerable level through meditation and yoga.

4. Choose Clothes Wisely


Replace the synthetic apparels from your wardrobe with cotton clothes. Synthetic fabrics, when rub against one another, creates an electrical charge. It draws pollens which cause allergy.

Instead of hanging washed bedding and clothes outside on a clothing line, toss them in the dryer.

5. Reframe Your Exercise Plan


At the time of exercising, you inhale more air. The air is borne with mold spores and pollen. So, try to reduce exposure to air, particularly in the spring season, as the more air you breathe in, the more pollen you suck in. Take your exercise indoors.

6. Wear Sunspecs


Allergy might be the reason behind watery and red eyes. To protect your eyes from allergens, wear sunglasses.

7. Keep Pets Outside the Main Living Areas


Dogs and cats may also cause allergies. Surprised? But, it’s true! The hair, furs and saliva of your pets trigger the allergic reactions. So, keep them outside your bedroom and living areas.

8. Eat Anti-inflammatory Diet


Inflammatory diet may worsen seasonal allergies. Peanuts, eggs, milk and wheat are some common food that may cause allergies. Detect your problem-food and remove it from your diet. Eat lots of veggies, gluten free whole grains and fruits, especially during allergy season.

Precaution is better than cure. You can avoid allergies to a great extent simply by adopting the above mentioned precautionary measures.