8 Tips to Fast Forward Your Career Growth

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Do you want to put your career on a fast track? Who doesn’t want? Everyone wants to quickly mount the career ladder. But, don’t think that your superior or boss will catalyze success in your career or gift you the promotion some- day without any smart act. So, don’t just wait or hang around for it to happen.


Accomplishing impressive and unfailing career growth is a dream of every professional. But, aspiring for professional success appears a difficult mission that often involves political tact or complicated Machiavellian strategies to many. Undoubtedly, for long term success in career field you need planning, persistence and hard work; but what else you required is compiled in the following 8 tips-


Earn Industry Specific Certificates

Earn the valuable certification of the industry where you are employed. Everyone is college degree holder, but if you are certified with certificates important for a specific industry, you enjoy an edge over others. Join training for industry specific certificates.


Look Out For A Mentor

Seek a successful leader or mentor in your career field. Your mentor can be your supervisor, retired or someone who is working with another company. They are of great help in the journey of career. They have navigated the challenges and pitfalls that are common to people at their career growth.   They can answer your career related questions, offer you advice and may also reveal shortcuts to reach your set goals quickly. Therefore, cultivate your relations with experts and fetch extra benefits.


Manage Your Resources

When you are on the ladder of success, learn to manage both, money and time wisely. Save up to 5-10% of your earning each month because you might have to lose a pay of few weeks or a month for an opportunity, to advance in a better and high paying job. So, stay prepared to make sacrifices for long term professional gains. Similarly, manage your time resources, as well. Balance your work and leisure time. Don’t hold back on either.


Cultivate New Skills

Company sponsors workshop, training seminars and other various career development activities. Take participation in those company sponsored professional activities. They will help you to cultivate more job related skills and become a more valuable and talented employee of the company.


Ask For More Responsibilities

How does it help? It does. Management notices and acknowledges the good and extra work you do, and understands your desire to grow in the company. Take initiative and ask for more tasks and responsibilities, prove that you are worthy of handling them. This will separate or differentiate you from the rest of the office-crowd. Thus, helpful in career advancement!


Get a Five Year Career Plan

When you embark on to set career goals, to advance your career, then write a plan of five years…where you want to see yourself in next five years. People do jobs ….just jobs that lack set destination. As a result,  they end up in an unwanted destination. Decide where you want to take your position to, take control and direct yourself for the set target.

Outline your objectives to reach your set goals on a piece of paper. When the conceptualized plan is not written, there is a likelihood of missing on executing it. It will also not let your enthusiasm die and help you to stick to the plan of action.


Networking….even when you aren’t a job hunter

A good, healthy professional network offers excellent opportunities to advance the career. It also provides objective oriented insights to evaluate opportunities as well as problems that come across in one’s career journey.

A rich network is a source of mentors, friendships and referrals for many things. Always remember, jobs come and go, but it is the solid network of important and valuable people that help to sustain in different circumstances.


Exploit Your Best Working Time

Identify what kind of  person you are – a ‘Night ‘person or ‘Morning’ person. It is important to know your productive hours in the workday, so that you can dedicate those morning/ night hours solely for completion of tasks as much as possible. Don’t let those active hours of yours in doing chores that do not require much of your brain energy. There  are loads of time available in a day for unskilled work to engage.

Does your company offer flexible work scheduling to its employees? If yes, then make use of it. Leave and spend time on handling personal responsibilities or spending enjoyable time with family, when you feel drained and non-productive at work.

Don’t allow WAIT to translate precious years of your career life into several wasted years. Take charge of your career, have a comprehensible career strategy and success will follow automatically. 

Go after the suggested tips to determine your future!