8 Things You Must Consider Before Quitting the Job

Are you unhappy with your current job? Decided to drop it? But, do you know that quitting the job at a wrong time can affect your future career? The grass, on the other side, always looks greener, but, is it green in the true sense? New job means new adjustments and still, there is no certainty that things will go as per your expectations. Thus, don’t make any decision in a hurry. You must take some time to consider this crucial matter.


Here, we have 8 things you should mull over before quitting the job.

1.    Avoid Impulse

If you are resigning your job in frustration, think once again. Don’t react instantly to a temporary problem. Review the situation before arriving at any decision. A few days later, when your heart changes, you can’t do anything, except repenting. Your employer won’t welcome you back, once you have left this way.

2.    Job Stability

Do you have a sound and stable track record with the current company? Along with your qualifications, skills and experience, recruiters also consider your job stability before hiring you. Employers are unwilling to hire job-jumpers. Before quitting the job, you should have a long term and dynamic career with the company or industry.

3.    Financial Contemplation

It’s demoralizing when the Pay Cheque stops coming. If you have another job offer in hand, it is good. In case, you are not having any job after quitting the current job, it may affect your finances. Therefore, before resigning, check your bank account, and ensure that you have enough savings to afford your unemployment period.

4.    Is there any chance to save this relationship?

Sometimes, employees resign the job over a small issue that can be resolved by mutual conversation with the management. Always keep the communication open with your boss. Clarify the issues as and when they arise. Instead of quitting, you can urge the employer to transfer you somewhere else within the company.

5.    Be Acquainted with the Job Market

Survey the current job market to find out the job opportunities in your field of interest. Stay in touch with your friends who are working. They will let you know the current trends in their industry. Also, ask your unemployed friends about the difficulties they are facing in finding the job. It’s not a wise decision to quit the job if the job market is weak.

6.    Do Research

Before accepting an offer from another company, do research and ensure that you are not going to fire from the frying pan. If the similar job conditions (due to which you are resigning from the current job) prevail in the new company, it is good to continue with current company.

7.    Serve the Notice

Submit a formal resignation letter 15 or 30 days (or as per company’s HR policies) prior quitting, explaining the valid reason of leaving. Serving the notice is a professional courtesy. Don’t forget to thank your boss for his support (even if he/she lacks in this area).

8.    Mastering the Countdown

During the notice period, most of the employees tend to arrive late, leave early and take long lunches. If you are also sailing on the same boat, it’s quite unprofessional. Keep your enthusiasm fly high as before. Maintain the positive attitude and, work with the similar pace.

First impression is the last impression. But, you should always try to make your last impression the best.

Your decision will affect not only you but also your family. Therefore, look at the entire situation from several viewpoints.