8 Tested Home Remedies for Burns

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Burn is the condition of your body when it gets affected by heat. Burns can be first degree, second degree or third degree. However, first and second degree burns can be still treated at home, but do not take a risk of treating the third degree burn at home. Here I am suggesting you the home remedies for burns, particularly for first degree and to some extent second degree burns.


1.     Water


It is the primary thing available at your home. Soaking the burnt area in the cold water or in a dip of ice cubes will relieve the pain. Do not rub ice over the burn as it may make your burn more vulnerable. Dipping the burnt area in the ice-cold water will subside the pain and is the best instant home remedy to treat a burn.

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2.     Aloe Vera


It is the great healing agent for both first and second degree burns. You just need to find an Aloe vera plant in your near area. Pull a leaf and extract the gooey part of the leaf, and gently apply it over the burn and leave it. It will soothe the burn and bring down the pain. You can also use the readily available Aloe vera gel in the market, but make sure that it is pure and not mixed with anything else that could cause irritation on your burn.

3.      Baking Soda


For very minor burns such as first degree burns, baking soda is perfect. Baking soda mixed with water, if applied on burnt area, subsides the pain of the burn and soothes it.

4.      Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender is known for its pain relieving and healing properties. Having antibiotic properties, lavender is good enough to cure both first and second degree burns. It is even used in hospitals to treat burns. After washing the wound with cold water, spray the lavender essential oil over the wound. Lavender oil will soothe the wound while providing a relief from the pain.

5.      Honey


Honey has natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. It is another one of the best ways to treat burns naturally. Applying honey on the burns will not only calm down the pain, but will also lessen the chances of developing scars afterwards. Repeat the process for few days and your wound will be healed, without leaving any scars behind.

6.      Coconut Oil


I cannot think of anything therapeutic that coconut oil cannot do. Coconut has got healing and cooling properties, due to which it is quite effective on burns. It prevents infections while also treating scars caused due to burns. Before buying coconut oil, you should make sure that you are buying the virgin form of it and it has not gone under any process or filtrations. Virgin coconut oil acts best as a therapeutic agent.

7.      Onion Juice


Onion juice is another effective treatment against burns. Apply onion juice over the burn and it will prevent blistering besides providing the soothing effect.

8.      Chamomile


Chamomile has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Make chamomile tea and let it cool for minutes. Soak a cloth and apply it over burns for soothing and pain relieving effect.

Stages of a burn healing

There are three stages of a burn healing which are named as a first, second and third-degree. Each degree depends on the seriousness, and how much skin was damaged. First degree burns red, non-blister skin.

In the second degree, skin burns and has some thickening of the skin.

Third-degree destroy your inner and outer layer.

First degree 

In the first stage, the epidermis and outer layer of your skin will burn. The skin gets read and has pain only.

Second degree 

 In the second degree, the skin peels off and has severe pain. For treatment concern with doctor 


In this condition, the epidermis and inner layer of skin will burn properly; this condition can only repair through surgery.

How do you know burn is healing?

The most burned skin starts healing from 6-7 days; the burned skin was peeling off in 1 or 2 days. After some days, you feel your skin and pain becomes better. Healing time depends on the sovereignty of the burn. In the surgical method, the healthy skin is placed over from another part of the body to the burned part of the body. Then naturally, it helps the burn area to heal again.

What should we do for burns?

  • If you burn severely than immediately call for medication
  • Don’t use ice they drop your body temperature
  • Immediately cover the burn with a clean and soft towel