8 Spine-tingling Haunted Forests and the Tale Behind them!

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Bloodcurdling demons, negative vortexes and screaming lovelorn spirits roaming in the forests! Now that sounds like some good, spooky adventure?

We’ve all heard tales of forest ghosts and that too quite convincing. Strange noises, rustling of leaves, outlandish structures and trees, the fear of unknown creatures…. All of it provides  the best recipe of fear. Let’s have a look at the eeriest forests of the world, and the braves amongst you, may also plan a weekend trip to any of these forests.

1.      Aokigahara, Japan

Also, known as the sea of trees, this is one of the densest forests you will ever come across in your life. Located on the northwest base of Mount Fuji, the place has enormous iron deposits underground, and it is found that the deposits tamper with the compass, often sending visitors to the wrong path. There have been more than 500 suicides at the place, and the localities have heard spirits screaming at the night.

2.      Black Forests, Germany

Covered with fir and pine trees, the forest is the greatest playground for mythological supernaturals. The forest runs besides Rhine River in south-western Germany. The place is said to be under heavy influence of witches, werewolves, sorcerers and many more inexplicable creatures. The necromancer published in 1794 deals with tales of dark magic and killings in this forest itself.

3.      Wychwood Forest, England

Once, a part of the royal hunting fields in Oxfordshire, the forest has many tales associated with it. A hand reaching for your shoulders, a couple and two sobbing kids on a horse-cart are some of the common sightings in the place. The most famous is the case of Amy Robsart, who was the wife of the Earl of Leicester. Amy died mysteriously with a broken neck in the forest and confronted her husband after death to tell him that they will be together in 10 days. As she said those words, the Earl died after 10 days. It is said that if anyone sees her spirit in the jungle then he too meets the same fate.

4.      Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina

A mysterious 40 foot deep loop in the woods, close to harpers’ crossroads in the Siler city of North Carolina. The place is supposed to be devils ring where he stomps every night to scheme the collapse of mankind. The government authorities are yet to explain the reason to why the ring is deprived of any growth.

5.      Dow Hill, Kurseong, India

The Victoria boy’s school, which was established in 19th century in west Bengal, is already famous for its ghostly tales of footsteps and strange noises. The surrounding Dow Hill forest is reported to be far  eerier than the hostel. Woodsmen have reported frequent sights of a headless boy in the night.

6.      Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls), Mexico

A small island near Mexico City has thousands of dolls hung on the trees. The story is that Don Julian, the only inhabitant of the island, once found the dead body of a girl floating with a doll in one of the canals. As a tribute, he strung up the doll on one of the trees, and soon after that in 2001, he died of drowning in the same water. Nobody knows the history of those thousand dolls strung up there, some of which are limbless. To see it for yourself, all you need is a four-hour round trip from Embarcadero Cuemanco ferry terminal.

7.      Epping Forest, England

The 6000 acre forest extended from east London to Essex, is said to be the native place of the paranormal. The place was the hidey-hole of fugitive Dick Turpin and the cop killer Harry Roberts. The team of the British living TV tried to find the spirit of Turpin, but the team itself turned out to be lost in the forests.

8.      Frith wood, England

Frith law woods has green law house within walking distance. The house happened to be barracks of French prisoners back in 19th century during Napoleonic war. Tale has it that there was a lady  who was in love with a prisoner, and was beaten to death by her father and parents. People have reported the sobs of the lovelorn spirit and some have seen her running hysterically in the forests.