8 Safety Measures for Women to Take While Driving

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It is said that a wrong turn can sometimes take you straight to the right track, but we should also keep in mind that a wrong turn of carelessness can take us to disastrous consequences as well. Especially if you are a female and driving alone, you need to take a lot of precautions to avoid mishaps and other such aftermaths of careless driving.


Today, I am going to share with you safety tips for women, especially those who drive alone and I hope that these tips will prove to be really helpful in your life.

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Safety Tip #1


Always keep valuables such as handbags, laptops out of sight. Out of sight means such valuables shouldn’t be visible to people driving beside you. Also, you should not wear expensive jewelry while driving, as this might catch attention of people (snatchers) towards you.

Safety Tip #2


Never stop your vehicle in dark areas or less populated areas. Don’t even stop to ask for direction even to females. People might point out at your vehicle reporting issues such as punctured tires or something else, but do not stop your vehicle unless you reach a properly lit and populated area.

Safety Tip #3


Keep your car well maintained to avoid reaching to a vulnerable situation. Send your car for regular service and check-ups. Carry sprayer with you so that you can wash off any dirt, accumulated on the screen of your vehicle. Also, go for air filling in the tubes of your car on a regular basis, like 15 days or something like that.

Safety Tip #4


Always keep adequate fuel in your vehicle. Go for fuel refilling as soon as fuel light blinks in the odometer of your vehicle. if your vehicle does not have a fuel indicator, go for refilling as soon as your fuel meter reaches close to empty (E).

Safety Tip #5


Always remember to keep your cell phone with you so that you can make a call to trustable sources during vulnerable situations, such a scar break down, lost on a route or something similar.

Safety Tip #6


Get the doors of your car locked immediately you enter the car. These days, most of the cars come with an auto lock feature, but if your vehicle does not have the feature, check for all the locks alertly.

Safety Tip #7


If your car has a centre locking system and that too with a remote control, then you have to be little cautious. Many of us tend to open the lock much before we reach the car. This may make a stranger or any theft to enter the car or may put something hazardous inside the vehicle. Always unlock your car with a remote control, right after you reach very close to your car.

Safety Tip #8


Don’t assume every vehicle with flashing lights as police vehicle, as these days it’s quite common for thieves to come in police uniforms and do illegal things. Be careful against all such type of people.

So, ladies and girls, keep these tips always in mind before and during driving. I hope that these tips will work for you.

Keep Shining!